Dubai Expo 2020 – The Whole World In One Place – Starts From 1st October 2021

What is Expo 2020? Expo is an exhibition of achievements, ideas, and new developments of different countries. The term Expo is a short form of the French term ‘Exposition Universelle’. World Expo, also often referred to as ‘World Fair’ or ‘The World’s Fair’, is held at different locations all around the world. The World Expos have been going around for around 170 years. World Expos are...


Invest Your Bitcoin Cryptocurrency in Real Estate Dubai

For years, people from all over the world are investing in Dubai’s real estate due to several reasons. Today, however, a new phenomenon is on the rise. Now you can buy Dubai real estate with bitcoin. Investors are using cryptocurrency to purchase property in Dubai. Several big property developers from the more developed cities of the world, including Dubai, are now accepting cryptocurrencies as a...


Dubai Property Finder: Top Real Estate Dubai Companies

Dubai Property Finder: Dubai is destined to be the economic and social hub of the modern age. The land has emerged from desert to become a concrete jungle and showed its potential to be the next cosmopolitan hub for the world. With a great number of multinational and local businesses pouring in Dubai, the diversification of Dubai’s environmental climate and confinement of space has turned to out to...

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