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People across the world are looking for a resident visa in Dubai due to the marvelous emerging economy. So, which things are essential for a residential visa? what are the terms & conditions? All of these types of questions are discussing in this article. So let us get started.

A contracts of employment/participation in a Dubai-based company/freelance permit/property ownership is required in order to acquire a residence visa. Anyone can travel to the UAE or alter their status while thereafter the entry permit is given. The applicant must then appear for the medical examination after finishing this process. The applicant must purchase a health insurance policy and provide it for the visa stamp once the medical test has been approved and certified suitable. Depending on the type of visa chosen, the visa is valid for 2 or 3 years once stamped.

Below are the ways to get a Dubai residence visa. So, let us discuss the requirements for each and every process for the same.

Get 3 Year Dubai Visa For Just 750K AED Investment

According to Dubai Department of Land, the minimum financial requirement to apply for a 3-year visa by investing in the emerging real estate market in Dubai has been reduced from AED 1 million to AED 750K. For individuals who have purchased an estate of at least 750K AED, a three-year visa is available whereas the five-year visa requires properties worth at least 5 million AED. It should not be in the form of a loan to invest in real estate and should be maintained for at least three years.

Dubai Working Visa

A work visa is the most typical route to obtain a UAE resident visa. Dubai work visas are used by the majority of expats in Dubai who have residency permits. The employer processes the work permit as soon as a person is offered a job so that the employee can begin working for the company. Following the approval of the work permit, the immigration procedure for the issuing of the entry permit is presented. Staff must enter the nation using this entrance permission, and the aforementioned visa procedure must be followed to complete the visa process. The validity of a continental company work visa is two years, while the validity of a work visa issued by any authority in the Dubai Free Zone is three years.

Dubai Investors Visa

People who invest in the country to create their own business are granted an investor visa. The shareholder or owner of the company must have a share value of over 70,000 AED in order to qualify for an investment visa. A mainland company’s minimum share capital is usually AED 300,000. Immigration only permits you to receive two investor visas from the corporation, regardless of the number of shareholders. The company can provide work visas to other investors. The investment visa is valid for a period of three years. To apply for an investor visa, the person must present a bank statement from the previous six months.

New Green Visa

UAE launched its first green visa program, the first of 50 in the 1950s Projects. The recently released new program provides a new category of visas, the green visa, that allows residents to support their parents and children and raises the age limit of their loved ones from 18 to 25 years.

It’s vital to understand that this green visa is unrelated to the work licenses issued by the company. Rather, it is targeted at highly qualified individuals whose skills will assist UAE firms and industries. It will also make it easier for investors, entrepreneurs, top students, and graduates to work here, as well as provide family members residency rights.

Dubai Residency Visa

The benefits of the new green visa, for example, will include a grace period of 90 to 180 days after the visa expires, allowing holders to continue working without being interrupted by the need to deal with visa-related issues. Problems. The existing regulation provides for a 30-day grace period.

Such new visa options make living and working in the UAE considerably more appealing, as well as providing a friendly regulatory environment in which people with unique skills, talents, and capacities may contribute to the benefit of all.

Dubai Property Visa

The following are the prerequisites and conditions for acquiring a real estate visa. The Dubai Land Department must be contacted for a real estate visa (DLD). While obtaining a real estate visa, the Department of Land grants a visa, which must be renewed every four years. Every two years, the visa must be renewed.

For the first registration, you’ll need the following documents.

  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport is required.
  • Employer, firm, spouse, and guardian (if applicant has valid UAE residence visa).
  • A copy of the title deed is available.
  • A 6 * 4 personal photograph.
  • a copy of a current visa (tourist visa, visiting visa, or stay visa).
  • Certificate of Good Conduct from the Dubai Police Department.

If the property is mortgaged, the bank’s CNO for issuance of the resident visa for the property must be written in Arabic and stamped for the loan.

If the document appears in the deed as land rather than the villa, DEWA’s most recent invoice is required. The leased property is referred to as a lease.

Terms and Conditions for Property Visa

  • The applicant must own the property, which must be an apartment or a villa. The value of commercial properties will not be assessed. After the acquisition, the title deed issued by the Dubai Land Department must be filed.
  • It should be located in a no-free zone.
  • A mortgage-free amount of above AED 1 million should be available on the purchasing price of the property.
  • If the property is mortgaged, the remaining credit cannot exceed 50% of the value of the property / 1 million AED (whichever is greater). A loan statement is required, as well as a bank compliance notification.
  • A property visa cannot be applied for by a rental property.
  • It is possible for spouses to share ownership. It will be necessary to present a valid marriage certificate.
  • Many visas can be applied to the same property if there are multiple owners and the standards listed above are met.

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Dubai Employees Visa

Expect with a work visa, an investor visa, or a freelance permit visa can support their spouses, children, and parents. A person on a work visa can support their spouse and children if they earn AED 3,000 per month and receive housing from their company, or if they earn AED 4,000 per month on a fixed salary. If a wife sponsors a husband, children, and other family members, the monthly pay should be AED 10,000. Marriage documents and birth certificates are required in addition to the wage. Relatives of investors who have obtained an investor visa can be sponsored using the DEWA invoice, marriage certificates, and birth certificates, as well as a deposit of AED 3,000 per dependent.

For the issue of the employment visa, the marriage certificate and birth certificate must be notarized at the UAE embassy of the applicant’s home country and at the MOFA, UAE. As proof of the process, the person must also show the leasing agreement and the most recent DEWA invoice. A monthly salary of AED 20,000 and a two-bedroom apartment are required for a parent’s visa to be processed. The father and mother’s parent visas must be processed together. The legal document must be given in a sad case where the parents are not together or someone has passed away.

Dubai Freelancer Visa

For selected specialists, several free trade zones in the UAE offer a freelance permission. Media-related industries, education-related sectors, and technology-related sectors are all covered by the practitioner. Holders of a freelance residence permit can get a residence visa for two or three years, depending on the Zona Franca they choose. To be eligible for these permissions, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • A business strategy that outlines your objectives depending on the activities you’ve chosen.
  • curriculum vitae
  • A copy of the passport page and the visa page
  • No objection letter from the sponsor of the person allowing the applicant to transfer the residence visa and acquire a freelance permission with Tecom (if resident in the UAE).
  • Examples of work/portfolio (only for the media area).
  • Letters of recommendation from banks
  • 2 letters of recommendation: letters recommending your capacity to work as an individual from your clients/managers (subject to authority requirements).

Thinking of getting a UAE Property Visa?

Dubai is known worldwide for the incredible lifestyle it offers investors who wish to live in their property, it also has a proven track record of providing excellent returns for property investors who want to lease their properties. And with the new long term residency visas available for property investors, the prospect of investing and living in Dubai has become much easier and more appealing.

Who can buy property in Dubai?

Anyone can buy a property in Dubai, providing they have the funds. You don’t need to live in the emirate or work here, and there is no age limit. Freehold properties can only be purchased in designated areas for foreign investment. This is not limiting, however, since there are many freehold areas across Dubai.

What type of property will be considered and for what value?

The property or properties should be 100% ready, not on a construction plan, and most importantly, not subject to a dispute. The purchase value (not the current market value) of your property needs to be at least AED 1,000,000 or above, and you have paid off a 50% mortgage (you should be mentioned as the property owner). The Dubai Property Visa can be issued against residential properties purchased in a freehold area (Apartment, Serviced Apartment, Villa, Townhouse) and/or commercial properties (Hotel Room, Hotel Apartment, Office, Warehouse) as well.

You are eligible for a UAE investor visa as long as your total investment is AED 1,000,000 or above in one of a maximum of three properties. If multiple people own the property, everyone can apply for a Dubai investor visa as long as they have a share of AED 1m or above in purchase value.

If the property is owned jointly by husband and wife, both can apply for a UAE investor visa even if the property’s total purchase value of AED 1m is divided between both of them. An attested marriage certificate has to be presented in this case.

What are the types of property visas available in Dubai?

Six Month Multiple Entry Dubai Property Visa: The six-month visa can also be used to facilitate the completion for obtaining a golden residency.

Three Year Dubai Property Visa: The visa is issued for three years tenure and can be renewed before or upon expiry at a nominal cost.

Five Year Dubai Property Visa: If you have invested at least AED 5 million in properties (can be split across three properties) and have no mortgage on any of the properties, you can qualify for a five-year Dubai property visa. Unlike the 10-year visa, you do not need to make additional investments.

This visa is a resident visa which means you or your family members will not be allowed to work on that visa. If you or any of your family member wish to work, the visa status will have to be changed, and the organization which offers the job will have to issue a sponsoring visa.

Ten Year Residency Visa (Golden Visa):* A six-month multiple entry visa can be issued for the applicant and used to facilitate the completion of obtaining a golden residency. This visa can be extended to facilitate the completion of the process.

UAE Retirement Visa:* This visa offers resident expatriates and foreigners over 55 years of age the opportunity to stay in the emirate even after completion of work. They can get a long-term residence visa for a period of 5 years with the possibility of renewal if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Invest in a property worth AED 2 million.
  • Have financial savings of no less than AED 1 million.
  • Have an active income of no less than AED 20,000 per month.

What are the types of property visas available in Dubai?*

  • Being able to spend as much time in Dubai as you like during the visa’s valid period and to come and go as you please.
  • Having access to UAE bank accounts and financial services.
  • Being able to apply for a UAE driving license.
  • Possible visa-free travel to certain countries.
  • Being able to sponsor your spouse and dependents. If you are successful in obtaining a 10-year residency visa, you can extend your sponsorship to an executive director and one advisor, in addition to your family.
  • Both the 5-year and 10-year visas can be easily renewed, provide you continue to retain your investment.

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