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Real Estate Investment Advisory Service Dubai

Binayah Real Estate’s team of investment professionals use their knowledge and resources to guide you on an investment approach that is in congruence with your goals as an investor. We inform you on potential projects, their return on investments, and the market conditions and trends that will appreciate the returns on your Dubai real estate investment. Our goal is to provide you with a financial scheme that will fit your purpose as an investor.

Our team of experienced investment professionals are constantly conducting and specializing in research and ongoing market trends to identify Dubai property investment opportunities and strategies to diversify our portfolios further. You will receive an agent’s recommendation report based on your preferences as an investor that will identify the various opportunities that you can avail to meet your investment goals. 

Real Estate Consultation Service Dubai

Our consultants prioritize listening to your needs and requirements over everything else, they take into account your expectations as a client, and factor in market conditions and your preferences to meet your expectations as coherently as possible, ensuring that satisfaction is an end result for all the parties involved.

At Binayah Real Estate we believe in using transparency and providing realistic expectations to our clients, and in doing so, we delivers results that are in line with our philosophy of putting our clients and their satisfaction first.

Whether you are buying, selling or renting a home, or contemplating a real estate transaction, you should know your rights and have them explained to you by a real estate consultant. A Real Estate deal encompasses a wide range of issues including easement disputes, foreclosures, property deeds, real estate warranties, mortgage types, insurance policies, and issues related to buying, selling or renting a property. You may have many questions you need answered and an inexperienced real estate consultant can’t help you.

Making a Property Deal:

Purchasing a home could most likely be one of the most important and largest transactions of your life. Many issues can arise during all the stages of buying a home. Although your first question may be deciding where to live, you need to know how much to pay for your new property, how to place an offer and how much that offer should be. Also, the house needs to go under inspection, have the title deed prepared and repairs made before the closing of the deal. It is vital for you to have yourself protected before you sign any final documents. You should know what you are buying and all the positives and negatives associated with it. You should know the answers to potentially damaging questions like:

1.     If there are any zoning violation issues with the property

2.     If there are any covenants or restrictions on the property that would limit your use of the property

3.     If your mortgage will change over time, and if you can efficiently manage all your payments on time.

4.     If there are any potential issues with the chain of title to the house that may interfere with your full ownership of the property

5.     If the property value estimate is accurate

You can protect yourself from these issues and others, by taking the time to find all the information with respect to your real estate transaction by discussing all the factors with Binayah Real Estate’s Consultancy division.

Real Estate Disputes

Binayah Real Estate specializes in disputes resolution. Real Estate disputes are not limited to the typical disputes with transaction processes such as those associated with buying and selling property like construction contracts, defects, and title deed problems. The most common property dispute happen when a homeowner can no longer make their mortgage payments. Although it varies on terms of the mortgage agreement, a mortgage lender may foreclose on the property if the homeowner fails to make payments. Foreclosure will generally involve a lot of legal activity and the lender repossessing the home and re-selling it to another property buyer.

Foreclosures will involve a lot of legal procedures that a real estate specialist can help you with. Binayah can also help you reach a resolution by working with your mortgage lender to prevent your property from entering foreclosure.

Why you should hire a property consultant

A Real Estate transaction will likely be one of the largest and most important purchases of your life, which is why hiring a real estate advisor and consultant is highly advisable. Whether you are buying, selling, renting or conducting any other form of a real estate transaction, our consultancy division can help make your transaction successful. Many people are involved in various forms of real estate transactions and disputes, and any one of them can make a mistake, potentially costing you a lot of time and money.

For example, if you are purchasing a home that is discovered to have an illegal unit or additional tenants in the residence, or if a problem exists with the title deed, you will likely need to resolve the issue through some form of legal action to remedy the situation. To avoid any errors or complications, you should be well informed throughout all the stages of your transaction and afterwards to protect yourself and your own interests.

At Binayah, we review all real estate documents for accuracy and your protection. Real Estate transactions can be complicated and time consuming, however with our knowledge and expertise in the field, we make the experience nearly effortless for you, by taking over the legal framework and helping you navigate through your transaction in a satisfactory and efficient manner.

Real Estate Client Portfolio Management Service Dubai

Binayah Real Estate has always delivered results to its investors over the years in the form of capital appreciation, unmatched rental yields, and year on year growth in their property portfolios. Our track record as industry leaders speaks for itself with our high profile marketing that always accomplishes terrific results. We build portfolios with our clients on the basis of their Dubai real estate investment needs. Our staff are trained to give the best possible customer service. 

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