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Bluewaters is an island that combines the spirit of exploration with the thrills of city life, providing an amazing experience that includes Caesars Palace and Ain Dubai, the world’s highest and biggest observation wheel. Bluewaters Island Dubai was a major topic of debate for everyone from the start. “How’s it going?” “Have you ever been there?” “What can you do about it?” “Is the Ferris wheel open to the public?”  If you had waited for a response. You have come to the proper place if you have any queries! Binayah looks around this renowned island today to see what is hot and what is not in New Meraas.

The towers offer outstanding residences with a choice of 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom, glass-fronted apartments for unobstructed views of the Marina, Dubai Skyline, and Ain Dubai. The penthouses also provide 360-degree views of the magnificent surroundings and are complemented with 5 bedrooms with luxury living spaces. Book your Bluewaters Island apartments now!

The entertainment offerings in Bluewaters Island apartments sets a new standard featuring more than 200 retail and dining outlets, the magnificent Ain Dubai, five-star hotels, and world-class leisure facilities cater both residents and tourists. Furthermore, Bluewaters Residences provide an accessible direct bridge to and from the Sheikh Zayed Road as it connects the whole island to the main city. The location of Bluewaters Island Dubai is going to be central in the next few years as it provides easy access to some of the city’s prime areas including Dubai World Central, Expo 2020 site and Downtown Dubai to name a few.

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Bluewaters Island Dubai Amenities

Emirates Hills Emirates Hills

  • Residents’ Club
  • State Of The Art Gym
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Kids Play Area
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Cycling Track

Nearby Attractions


Championship Golf Course


International-Sized Polo Fields


Half-size Basketball Courts


Full-size Tennis Courts


Desert-themed Community


Large Lakes


Marina Beach


Dubai International Airport

Bluewaters Island Dubai Master Plan

Between 2013 and 2014, 3 million cubic meters of sand, 800,000 cubic meters of rock, and over 35,000 square meters of geotextile material were used to construct the Bluewaters Island Apartment Dubai.

On the Bluewaters Island Apartment Dubai, there were five key projects: 1) the 210-meter Ain Dubai Ferris wheel; 2) infrastructure links to the mainland; 3) medium-high skyscrapers and row dwellings; 4) the boulevard area with stores and restaurants; and 5) the construction of two hotels.

Construction on the island was 75 percent complete in March 2017, with the project moving from the shell phase to the building’s completion. The project was completed in October of 2018.

Five major contractors and more than 40 of the world’s top consulting organisations were involved in the project. At its peak, Bluewaters employed 16,500 people and 25 cranes in a single day. 64 million working hours were reported in the 12 months leading up to March 2017 and 12,000 direct employment were supported.

POMA, a French company, has been awarded a contract worth $50 million to $100 million to construct and install 48 high-tech capsules for Ain Dubai. POMA has already provided capsules for the London Eye and the Las Vegas High Roller.

Bluewaters Island Dubai Location Map

It is difficult to recall the days when Ain Dubai appeared off the shore of Dubai Marina; it is now one of the emirate’s most famous sights. The building site looked to take ages, but then a massive spherical marvel arose practically overnight, and the Jumeirah Beach Residence entered a new era (JBR).

The Ferris wheel, which is clearly the world’s largest, is a highlight of Bluewaters, a town on the island of Meraas that just opened its doors to guests, though certain portions are still under construction. The wheel is taller than the 167-meter-high Las Vegas High Roller and the 190-meter-long New York Wheel proposed for Staten Island, both of which stand at 250 meters.

Many people have already arrived at Ain Dubai to marvel at the show’s incredible technology. The motorbike, which can carry up to 1,400 passengers in 48 double-glazed capsules at a time and provides a stunning 360-degree view of Dubai, is ideal for individuals who enjoy a unique perspective. The Ferris wheel’s legs are 126 meters tall and long enough to accommodate 15 London buses (although no one has tried it yet).

It is as simple as crossing the bridge from The Beach to the JBR to go to Bluewaters Island Dubai. A route connects it to the mainland, including direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road, while the Roads and Transport Authority provides water transit (RTA). The location has been defined as “combining the tranquility of an island with the hustle and bustle of a metropolis,” and it provides first-class living space, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment.

Bluewater’s have abundant flora in the form of courtyards, small boardwalks, and charming pathways. North and South Walks allow people to stand at the water’s edge and stare out at the sea or the city beyond, while Central and Sunset Avenues gently divide the three zones.

Bluewaters Island Dubai Virtual Tour

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Bluewaters Island Dubai Projects

1. Bluewaters Residences at Bluewaters Dubai

2. Caesars Residences at Bluewaters Dubai

Urban Buzz at the Wharf

In the context of Ain Dubai, The Wharf will eventually include 132 retail and hotel shops in low-rise structures along the promenade. Trees, green grass, and aesthetically stunning lighting components shade the walkways that traverse across the region.

The gastronomic offering includes everything from waterfront dining to unique eateries, as well as a diversified mix of cafés, restaurants, and tiny bistros serving a wide range of foreign cuisine. In the following months, new concepts and stores will be introduced progressively.

Central Avenue borders the landside of The Wharf, while North Walk and Wharf Avenue, which surrounds Ain Dubai Plaza beneath the Ferris wheel, border the waterfront. The Wharf Link, a 265-meter-long pedestrian bridge, connects this area to The Beach on Dubai’s mainland shore. A water transport pier will be located near Bluewaters Wharf Station. Between the basement and the podium, there are more than 2,000 parking spots.

The Luxurious Rooms

Bluewaters Island Dubai Mansions is a great place to invest in this bustling area. The construction sits on a platform with a spectacular view of the sea or Ain Dubai itself, with 10 exquisite mid-rise buildings with 698 flats, 4 penthouses, and 17 townhouses. The Bluewaters Island Apartments for Sale will soon be home to its residents.

Each vibrator penthouse has an unrivalled 360-degree view of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai Marina, Ain Dubai, and the Dubai skyline, as well as plenty of interior and outdoor space, including five bedrooms, baths, and spacious living spaces.

Bluewater’s residence interiors are decorated to a high quality, with a neutral palette and a minimalist design that blends the warmth of Scandinavian oak flooring with a plethora of soft metal accents.

The open-plan kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art Italian equipment and seamless worktops, and was designed with modern life in mind. All of the apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows with incredible views of Ain Dubai, the sea, the greenery, or the street.

Caesars Bluewaters

One of the most intriguing features of the island is that it is the first time that Caesars Palace, the renowned Las Vegas hotel brand, has been brought to the Middle East. Caesars Palace Bluewater’s Dubai, The Apartments at Caesars Palace Bluewater’s Dubai, and Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai are now available. Bluewaters Island Properties Dubai is one of the most beautiful places where the residents take to breathe a sigh of relief.

Caesars Bluewater Dubai’s interiors were created by Jonathan Adler, the maestro of contemporary American elegance, and seek to convey a piece of ancient Rome to three distinct lodging options. A playful “Caesar” ambiance is created with overly deformed Roman busts, classic landscape paintings etched with blazing neon lights and huge foot sculptures.

Guests at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai may experience all of Caesars Palace’s unique amenities. Cove Beach, a magnificent beachside setting with two Cove Beach restaurants, the Rosé Bar, and the Sea Lounge, all set against the background of the Arabian Sea, is also part of this 194-room resort.

Guests can also dine at one of the resort’s several great restaurants. Handmade dim sum and noodles can be found in the Asian Zhen Wei Restaurant, afternoon tea, breathtaking ocean views can be found in the Roman Lounge, poolside nibbles, and iced potions can be found in the Neptune Pool & Bar, and mixology and live entertainment can be found in the Laurel Bar.

Bluewaters Island Restaurants

For quite some time, Dubai’s culinary industry has been thriving, with branches of the world’s greatest restaurants, fashionable cafés, gourmet Middle Eastern cuisine, and brunch extravagances all finding a home in the city.

Local foodies and a continuous supply of well-heeled visitors to top hotels keep the company afloat, encouraging chefs that are more famous and Michelin stars to join the culinary roster than ever before. Pass by the excellent Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, which bears Gordon Ramsay’s name.

Beaches Near Bluewaters Island Dubai

Private beaches in Dubai have always been a crowd puller, setting the emirate apart from the rest of the world. Likewise, resorts on the man-made, Bluewater Island will have access to private beaches within the community. Also, relocated from Jumeirah Beach Hotel to Caesars Palace in 2018, Cove Beach is a tourist hotspot and popular beach club residents love to visit. If you’re a fan of outdoor beach bars in Dubai, you can hit The Rose Lounge at Cove Beach, Caesars Palace.

Tourists will also be in proximity to the happening JBR Beach. In fact, the pedestrian bridge connecting the two destinations will allow residents and visitors to enjoy various activities at The Beach JBR including watersports and fun at the Splash Pad.

Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai

Families seeking absolute pleasure, privacy on an island and a bustling entertainment schedule for all ages will enjoy Caesars Resort Bluewaters Island Dubai, which is located next to Caesars Palace. The 301-room resort caters more to families than the Palace, with two outdoor pools (one for kids and the other for adults) and access to excellent amenities on a gorgeous private beach. With a complex of water slides and a surf simulator, the Laguna Waterpark is an ultimate delight for water enthusiasts.

A children’s club for young “gladiators” (3-7) and another for older “Centurions” (up to 12 years) as well as a teen club “Roam” that helps youngsters get the most out of the resort experience is extremely essential here. With play spaces, games, and live performances starring their favorite cartoon characters like Fireman Sam, Barney, and Bob the Builder, Mattel Play town’s educational indoor playground is a magnet for youngsters. Aside from children’s clubs and play spaces, the Green Planet organic tropical dome, which is capped by the world’s largest indoor tree, captivates both young and old.

At Your Service

Most five-star hotels give adequate service by default, but the Vegas brand prides itself on being the finest, and they definitely know how to pamper their visitors so that they feel “like Caesars.” As the brand’s first non-gaming hotel, the emphasis is exclusively on high-end hospitality with a healthy dose of wonder to encourage guests not to take life too seriously.

From the pool crew filling ice buckets to fresh fruit presents to cordial greets and farewells, the Roman Emperor mentality is genuinely applied. Fantastic Bluewaters Island Apartments for Sale are available for all those fans of the Island. Customers will not be disappointed by the Dubai branch, which features an exhilarating lineup of famous headliners, cutting-edge theatrical shows, dazzling magicians, and funny comedians in the vaulted 500-seat venue the Rotunda.

Bluewater’s Caesars Resort Ideal for Families

Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai is ideal for families searching for island privacy and a wide choice of activities. This 301-room resort has two outdoor pools, one for family and the other for adults only, as well as a private beach.

The Empire Club, which is open to all young guests, is another beneficial element for parents and children, and we will soon be joining Roam, a club for young people. The bright and exciting fashionable kids and teenagers’ club open to all families at the resort, will allow Caesars’ younger visitors set their vacation itinerary.

One of the gastronomic highlights among the six restaurants and bars is Paru, which serves a unique combination of Japanese cuisine with a Korean-American flare and has some of the greatest views in the city. Bluewaters Island Properties Dubai for Residences at Caesars Palace Bluewater Dubai provides 80 one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments for short- and long-term rent, with the apparent benefit of having two major complexes nearby.

FAQs About Bluewaters Island Dubai

What Is Bluewaters Island?

Bluewaters Island is one of the man-made islands in Dubai located off the coast of JBR. It is close to Dubai Marina.

What Is Bluewaters Dubai?

Bluewaters Dubai or Blue Water Island Dubai is a luxurious lifestyle multi-purpose project by Meraas. It is an artificial island just off the coast of JBR.

Is Blue Water Island Open?

Blue Water Island was opened to the public back in 2018 featuring 10 residential blocks, a luxury hotel, beach club and Ain Dubai, the soon-to-be world’s largest observation wheel.

What To Do In Bluewater Island Dubai?

From a range of activities, you can shop at an extensive range of outlets, dine at the amazing restaurants or grab a bite from food stalls, have a picnic at Cove Beach, enjoy various luxuries at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai and visit the magnificient Ain Dubai.

How Do You Get To Blue Water Island Dubai?

The island features a pedestrian bridge connecting to the mainland. Besides, one can take a tram or metro to reach the coast and connect farther via ferry.

How Do I Get To Blue Water Island Via Metro?

You can take a tram from Dubai Marina Tram Station or metro from DAMAC Metro Station. Both are only a few minutes away from Blue Water Island, Dubai

What Is The Fastest Way To Get To Blue Water Island?

The quickest way to reach the Blue waters Dubai is by taking a metro since the DMCC Metro Station is only 6 to 7 minutes away.

Is Dubai Eye Open Yet?

Dubai Eye or Ain Dubai is almost completed and will soon be opened to the public.

What Is The Wheel In Dubai?

The Wheel or Ain Dubai is the world’s largest observation Ferris wheel standing 210 metres tall. It is nearly eight times bigger than the London Eye.

Which Attractions Are Near Bluewaters By Meraas?

Marina Beach, JBR Walk and Flying Cup are top leisure attractions near Blue waters Meraas.

Where Can I Stay In Blue Water Island Dubai By Meraas?

You can plan your stay at the two 5-star hotels in Blue Water by Meraas: The Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai and The Caesars Resort Blue Water Island Dubai.

Which Popular Attractions Are Close To Caesars Bluewaters Dubai?

Marina Beach, Flying Cup and Bliss Lounge are close to Caesars Blue Water Island Dubai.

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