DAMAC Maison Prive Floor Plans

Nearly everything in DAMAC Prive floor plans of studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments at Waterfront Apartments of Tower B, Level 32 is perfectly coordinated to meet your individual lifestyle preferences. Each unit is roomy and offered in a range of sizes. Additionally, both the interiors and exteriors have been finished to international standards.

Floor PlanBedroom(s)Property TypeSizeHas Maid'sHas Study's
Tower-ALevel - 3 & 17-19NANoNo
Tower-ALevel - 5,8,23-24NANoNo
Tower-ALevel - 9 & 26NANoNo
Tower-ALevel -12NANoNo
Tower-ALevel -12NANoNo
Tower-ALevel -14 & 15NANoNo
Tower-ALevel -29-31NANoNo
Tower-ALevel 21 & 22NANoNo
Tower-ALevel 27NANoNo
Tower-ALevel 28NANoNo
Tower-ALevel 32NANoNo
Tower-ALevel 4NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 4NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 10&25NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 3, 17 & 19NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 9-26NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 1NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 11NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 12NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 13NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 14&15NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 16NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 2NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 20NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 21-22NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 27NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 28NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 29-31NANoNo
Tower-BLeve 32NANoNo
Tower-BLevel 5-8 & 23-24NANoNo

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