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The UK can be an excellent place to have a home. Owning a property in London is equivalent to having one of the worlds most fascinating cities at your doorstep, and depending on whether you want to buy a property as a place to live in, or for investment, Binayah Real Estate can guide you through the process of making all the critical decisions such as where to look, and how to buy a UK and London property in Dubai.

From a financial standpoint, London properties are a very attractive investment for overseas investors. The relative weakness of the Pound against other currencies, makes property more affordable and stable in comparison to most other countries. London’s reputation for being a ‘safe haven’ in the property market, makes London properties especially appealing to overseas clients.

Moreover, you can attain full ownership of a property in the UK upon purchase. The proof of your ownership can be found on a public register at the land registry, and the registration proves the identity of the owner and their title to the property.

According to analysts, London property values are expected to increase by 10.4 percent within the next 5 years. The global demand for London property puts the real estate market in the UK at an advantage, however a shortage of supply due to various factors has caused an imbalance in the supply and demand which has led to the consequence of high property price growth within the United Kingdom.

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