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Property ‪Management‬ is not only about the ‪‎Law‬ it is about the ‪People‬.

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Property ‪management is not only about ‪‎law it is about ‪people.Giving your Property for Management means that you will liberate yourself from the hassles of finding tenants to lease your property, collecting and depositing rental cheques, follow up on bounced cheque cases, arranging for property maintenance, and other responsibilities that you have to bear in mind being a landlord.

Certainly, we can facilitate all of this to you, so that you could reap the yield of your investments with peace of mind. With a vast portfolio of properties, our staff is highly trained in all sorts of property management. Our service is chiefly esteemed by our overseas clients for whom we handle additional responsibilities such as: cheque depositing, wiring and other additional services at their convenience.

For your investment venture to be fruitful, you need to be equipped with the appropriate management, knowledge and resources.

Binayah Property Management services guarantee a stress-free environment for both the tenant and the landlord. We pay attention to all the features of your property, from arranging plumbers and fixing water leaks to collecting late payments and filing municipality complaints, eliminating the need for you to chase any one. We work around the clock to provide you with an unparalleled accessibility and simplicity of use of our services.

Indeed, our professional staff is highly experienced at screening tenants and maintaining tenant relationships; we have an emergency help desk, where tenants can list all of their concerns smoothly, both online and through a simple phone call, which offers us valuable feedback in order to attain progress.


From a single property unit to entire building management, we are the experts in the property management domain. Commercial and residential property management service providers in Dubai are in demand today, the residential segment is way easier to deal with. Let's go through our two main vectors of work.

Commercial property management in Dubai is our passion. Corporate real estate asset management requires special knowledge about business targeted by tenants in the certain location. Catering to the needs of any firm that is looking to rent a property is successful due to applying our unique solutions in every particular case. Over the years, we have enhanced the premier real estate management standard of making it smooth and hassle-free.

Residential property management in Dubai is our strength. We have faced various issues common in this field of work and learned how to solve them easily. We always consider real estate investment management perspective before delegating the property to one of our real estate project managers.

No Matter Where You Are

Your Property Is In Safe Hands

  • Peace of Mind
  • Simple Fixed No-Fuss Annual Fee
  • Trusted and Experienced Professionals
  • Earn Maximum Returns
  • Manage Real Estate Assets in Dubai for local and international clients over a decade
  • Ensuring Long Term Savings
  • Always Available for tenants and landlords
  • Maintain good relations between tenants & landlords

Our Dubai Property Management Company Services

We make a promise to landlords who choose to use us for property management. We take the weight off your shoulders, that means we handle the search for a tenant, the sign up process, the inventory and of course any issues that arise during their tenancy. Our dedicated RERA qualified Property Managers have been carefully selected and are highly regarded by both our clients and tenants.

Have you wondered what else you could do with the time you spend managing your property? Or how easily you might sleep at night knowing all the payments and little niggling details are taken care of by a professional? We understand that every client is different and therefore we aim to provide updates at a time that is convenient to you. We will simply call you at the start of agreement to establish a property action plan and how you would like to be upgraded going forward.


Tenant Management Services

Following our hand over of any property, and the utilization of our marketing machine, massive leads generation takes place. We ensure that each & every tenant is screened to make certain that they are qualified to occupy our clients' assets. During the tenure period, we can handle any concerns associated to the unit with regards to Defects Liabilities Period & Owners Association management.

Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • Tenants screening resulting in credible stable occupier
  • Relaxed noninterference between government entities, municipality, developers & banks
  • Regular update on new laws & regulations
  • Legal advisory & management

Property Handover Services

An engineered thorough snagging is conducted; followed by detailed condition reports. We ensure our clients are receiving their property in top-notch condition. One that is ready to be rented or sold.

Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • Digital record of detailed condition reports
  • Engineered flawless property hand over supported by documents
  • Already appreciated asset compared to its market comparables
  • Transparent start of the relationship with the tenant

Property Snagging Services

The next step would be to employ our exceptional snagging services to ensure that you get your property in a prime and perfect condition for as little as AED 1.50 per sq/ft. *Conditions Apply*.

Often, upon handover there are hidden flaws and issues in the property. Once you sign the handover document, you are taking responsibility of the snags and the developer is relieved of the responsibility of delivering the property in the perfect condition.

Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • You have paid for your dream home, and that is what you deserve.
  • We will ensure that your new property is without any snags and is in perfect condition
  • Take no faults from the developer.
  • You can be rest-assured that your property is in good hands.

Asset Preservation Services

We offer maintenance, pre-qualified and approved vendors whom all our investors regularly scheduled preventative are available 24/7 to handle any type of service request.

Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • Periodically planned preventative maintenance
  • Preserving the property as a healthy asset
  • Minimizing running costs resulting in higher income
  • Elimination of ad hoc responsiveness
  • Tenant's satisfaction & retention

Size & Reachability

We only do what we know best and we do it to the best extent of our abilities. Binayah's dedicated teams of Property Consultants are managed by market experts where our corporate size outnumbers the market's average. This consistently results in efficient and healthy occupancy of our assets.

Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • Knowledgeable free consultation provided by smart & genuine professionals
  • being taken care of by dedicated dynamic teams with on-ground presence
  • Efficient & healthy occupancy of the asset

Premium Property Marketing Services

Binayah's devoted multi-media team offers UHD photography, professional videos & our iconic 3600 Virtual Tour concept. Such an interactive media is then promoted via our marketing channels; ranging from Google AdWords, Social Media, “smartly reached” newsletters and our prominent online platform on all trusted portals in the region.

Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • Broad wide ranging exposure
  • Massive leads generation
  • Efficient occupancy of the property
  • Instant capital appreciation
  • Quick successfully yielded exit

Buildings Management Services Dubai

Our dedicated team is made up of over 20 members and we manage a range of commercial and residential units. Our clients include banks, corporate and financial institutions. We offer best in class technology that includes PropSpace CRM, for inspections, and we also send automated reminders for renewals and postdated cheques to ultimately provide an excellent service to our clients.

We provide end to end property management services for all kinds of properties. This starts with marketing and leasing, to tenant and lease management, inspections and audits, shortlisting and finalizing the service provider on behalf of the landlord, overseeing the facility management service provider and even accounting and reporting. Our dedicated team is in place to provide these services to support you as a landlord by reducing the time and stress involved with managing your property, reducing vacant periods and maximizing your revenue.

With our services we help to bring you peace of mind that your property is being well taken care of, that you are receiving a cost-effective and efficient management service and enhanced service delivery.



Peace of mind & benefits for property owners

There are many residents and foreign nationals who invest in properties in Dubai for rental income. A credible property manager can help save time and also to find a credible tenant. For the non-residents, this is a big deal as it can save them multiple visits to finalize on the deal. Dubai property management companies like Binayah Real Estate can help them complete the deal from wherever they are by fully taking care of the formalities in the property deal. This applies to property owners who are looking to rent their flat as well as for those who are looking to sell their property.

Let the Professionals Manage Your Property in Dubai

Dubai makes it easy for non-residents to buy Dubai properties in this profitable market. There are both off plan properties and ready to occupy projects. From finding the best fit properties for the family’s requirement to shortlisting based on the budget, the property manager can assist in various aspects. Given that the market is competitive make sure that you only stick with reliable property managers. You can ask your friends and family for recommendations. Binayah Real Estate with a reputed clientele is a trustworthy choice.

Our Property Management Team in Dubai

We believe in the finest details so all of our Property Managers have been given the best training and have extensive knowledge when it comes to the Dubai rental laws as well as using in-house analysis to provide landlords with the latest achievable market rental rates while maximizing occupancy.