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Property ‪Management‬ is not only about the ‪‎Law‬ it is about the ‪People‬.

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Giving your Property for Management means that you will rid yourself from the hassles of finding tenants to lease your property, collecting and depositing rental cheques, follow up on bounced cheque cases, arranging for property maintenance and other responsibilities that you have to take care of being a landlord. We will take care of all of this for you so that you can reap in the returns from your investments with peace of mind. With a vast portfolio of properties under management, our staff is highly trained in all aspects of managing properties and we ensure that we deliver our best services to you and get the best returns for you on your property. Our service is especially appreciated by our overseas clients for whom we handle additional responsibilities such as cheque depositing, money wiring etc.

Your property is one of the most expensive and valuable investments that you will make during your lifetime. For your investment venture to be successful, you need to be equipped with the appropriate guidance, knowledge and resources.

Binayah Real Estate’s diverse portfolio of skilled professionals use their extensive and vast experience in Dubai’s Real Estate market to provide you with the most comprehensive array of Property Management Services, all fine-tuned to suit your needs.

Binayah’s Property Management services ensure that a stress free environment is generated for both the tenant and the landlord.  We take care of all the aspects of your property, from arranging plumbers and fixing water leaks to collecting late payments and filing municipality complaints, eliminating the need for you to chase any one. We work around the clock to provide you with unparalleled accessibility and ease of use of our services.

With a vast portfolio of properties under our management, we are highly experienced and trained in every aspect of Property Management both locally and internationally. Our services are especially appreciated by our overseas clients, who use our cheque deposit, wiring and other additional services at their convenience to have the most satisfactory real estate experience in Dubai.

Our professional staff is highly experienced at screening tenants and maintaining tenant relationships. We have an emergency help desk, where tenants can register all their issues with ease, both online and through a simple phone call, which allows us to have access to valuable feedback that helps us to improve our services, and serve our clients better.

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