Tiger Group

Dubai - UAE

About Tiger Group

Tiger Group is a dynamic conglomerate based in Dubai, known for its diverse portfolio of businesses and remarkable achievements across various industries. They started working in top real estate sector in 1976. With a legacy spanning over four decades, they have established themselves as leaders in real estate, construction, retail, hospitality, and more. Their portfolio showcases an array of iconic projects, reflecting the commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality.

From commercial and residential developments to retail centers and hospitality ventures, each undertaking embodies its unwavering pursuit of delivering exceptional value and memorable experiences. With a customer-centric approach, strategic partnerships, and a strong focus on sustainability, Tiger Group continues to shape the landscape of Dubai and beyond, while contributing to the growth and prosperity of the communities they serve.


  • Altai Tower
  • Seslia Tower
  • Neva Residences
  • Cloud Tower
  • V Tower
  • Blue Wave Tower
  • Lake City Tower
  • Sarina JVC Tower
  • Regina Tower at JVC
  • Nobles Tower
  • O2 Tower

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