Dubai Rent Increase

Dubai Rising Rent

Dubai’s Rising Rent Prices Encourage Residents To Buy Property Via Mortgages

Although Interest Rates Have Been Rising Over The Previous Few Quarters, The Increase In Rental Activity Has Been Far More Dramatic. An upward trend is observed among Dubai residents, as an increasing number of individuals are opting for bank mortgages to purchase properties. Escalating rental prices, surpassing monthly mortgage repayments in some instances, serve as the primary catalyst for this...

Dubai Residents

Dubai Residents Turn to Property Ownership Amid Eviction and Rising Rents

Dubai's Real Estate Market, Which Began Its Remarkable Growth After The Pandemic, Has Shown No Signs Of Slowing Down This Year. According to Richard Waind, group managing director of Betterhomes, tenants in Dubai are looking more and more to purchase real estate out of fear of obtaining eviction notices from landlords as a result of the surge in rental rates. In both the sales and rental markets,...

Tenant Rent Increase

Tenants Are Facing Rent Increases Of Up To 20% When Renewing Contracts

N.A., a resident of Dubai, has just received notice of a Dh14000 yearly rent increase. The foreigner said that her annual rent jumped from Dh70000 to Dh84000. While she has been residing in the same three-bedroom flat in the Zaabeel neighborhood for the past ten years. That is a 20% increase in rent from the previous year and is more than Dh1100 a month. The notice from N.A. is consistent with the...

Rent Increase in Dubai

Can Rents in Dubai Be Raised Every Year? Calculations Are Explained

Five Best Recommendations on How Tenants in the Emirate Can Save Big In The Event Of a Rental Increase With rent increases in Dubai reaching historic highs in 2022, tenants are receiving notices of increases ranging from 15% to 20% this year. According to Sarah Hewerdine, head of marketing at agency-owned real estate website Houza, accepting rent hikes can be a "difficult period" for tenants. They...

Rent Increases In 2023

Dubai Offers the Most Affordable Areas Due To Further Rent Increases In 2023

Following The Pandemic, Recovery Started As Numerous Foreign Workers Returned Along With The Improvement In The Job Market And An Influx Of Hnwis. Rents in Dubai will continue to rise in 2023, especially in the most sought-after areas where demand is outpacing supply. While rental growth in more affordable areas is anticipated to be moderate. Since 2014, the emirate's rents have been declining. But...

Dubai Rent Increase

Dubai Rents Will Increase By 27% In 2022

Dubai's Most Sought-After Neighborhood For Rental Properties Is Still Palm Jumeirah. According to Zoom Property Insights, the Dubai rental market is still on the rise. As average rent increases by 27% this year. In addition, demand increases significantly in line with the emirate's robust economic activity. The average cost of renting an apartment has risen to Dh91795. While the cost of renting a...

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