Top Property Buyers in Dubai

Property Buyers 2024

Property Buyers Expected to Rise Mortgage Uptake with 2024 Interest Rate Drop

After 11 Rate Hikes, The Consensus Among Most Bankers And Economists Is That The Fed Will Likely Decrease Rates By 25 To 100 Basis Points In 2024. In 2024, a surge in mortgage preference is anticipated among property buyers in the UAE, particularly end-users, as interest rates are poised to decrease by up to 100 basis points. Analysts emphasize the significant influence of mortgage rate changes on...

Property Investment for Young Buyers

Essential Property Investment Advice for Young Buyers

A Significant Increase In Home Purchases Is Evident, Providing Favorable Returns And Accessible Payment Arrangements For Individuals Buying Their First Property. Drawing from my industry expertise, it is evident that the younger generation is playing a pivotal role in shaping leadership and catalyzing business transformations across various sectors, including the real estate industry. This influence...

Off Plan Property Buyers Dubai

UAE Mortgage Lenders Lower Key Requirement, Boosting Off-Plan Property Buyers

UAE Mortgage Lenders Reduce Off-Plan Project Completion Requirement to 50% from 80% After lenders gradually loosened the standards on project construction levels, new off-plan property buyers in the UAE are beginning to receive mortgages more quickly than in the past. Banks are now willing to lend when a project is 50% complete or higher. As opposed to the past when they would only do so after it had...

JVC in Dubai

Why JVC Dubai Is So Famous Among Tenants and Buyers?

Why Do So Many People Choose To Live In JVC Dubai, According To Locals and Experts Several people of Dubai have been compelled to move to the suburbs due to rising rents. Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the locations that are now most benefited from the migration. With a burgeoning population, the neighborhood is thriving, and houses are available for rent that is substantially lower than in other...

Buy House Dubai

Discounts, Payments, and Even 0% Service Fees for Buying a House in Dubai

For The Third Year In A Row, Dubai Developers Are Pushing Hard Offers To Increase Sales Momentum. Do you want to buy a home in Dubai? Then, as developers and individual sellers try to offset buyer concerns regarding rising property values, mortgage rates, and whether the world economy is headed for a recession. Some of the most significant incentives are available for the taking. The sweetened...

Bollywood Stars Buying Property in Dubai

More Bollywood Stars Interested In Buying Property In Dubai

Ankit Tiwari, A Playback Singer, Music Director, And Composer Has Said He Wants To Establish The City As His Second Home. Despite the recent rise in prices, Bollywood celebrities are rushing to buy real estate in Dubai to take advantage of lower prices. Many famous people from Bollywood already consider Dubai their second home. In addition, numerous new and rising celebrities are purchasing properties...

Buy Home in Dubai 2023

What Are The Most Popular Places To Buy Home In Dubai In 2023?

Buying a home in Dubai can be a great decision for many reasons. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned investor, you will find that there are a variety of options available. If you are looking for the most affordable homes, you may want to consider properties in Al Barari. While this is a new development, it has already proved to be popular among many homebuyers. Similarly, the Jumeirah Lake...

Top Property Buyers in Dubai

Russians Are Top Property Buyers in Dubai, While India is Third

Many high-net-worth people have relocated to nations that are safe, stable, and experiencing rapid growth. Because of the crisis that began in February. Russian investors now outnumber those from India, the United Kingdom, and Italy as the top property buyers in Dubai. Russian investors come in second place, followed by those from the UK, India,  the US, Pakistan, Germany, Lebanon, France, Canada,...

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