RERA Rental Calculator

Understanding RERA Rent Calculator: Tenant Rights Explained

The Rental Price Increase For Landlords Is Constrained By Factors Such As The Property Type And Size, The Location, And The Current Market Value. Amidst the confusion surrounding tenants' rights, the UAE's commercial property sector witnessed its highest demand for occupancy in the second quarter since 2014. As the Dubai property market makes a robust recovery from the pandemic. Certain landlords have...

Dubai Property Owners Have To Pay Service Charges as Per New System

Dubai Property Owners Have To Pay Service Charges as Per New System

Some Property Owners Have Informed Unpaid Renters That They Cannot Have Any Repairs Made To Their Units. Homeowners in Dubai are once more being reminded to pay their service charge debts before the end of the year. In addition, property management companies are threatening harsh action if there are any further delays. Some property owners who rent out their units have been getting updates stating...

Rules for Real Estate Brokers in Dubai

RERA in Dubai Has Updated Its Rules for Real Estate Brokers

RERA Imposed Stricter Guidelines On Real Estate Marketing And Other Procedures This Year. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai has released an updated set of rules that real estate professionals must follow. Major changes to the way brokers can participate in the purchase, sale, or leasing of real estate have been made this year, including the historic choice to cap the number of brokers who can...

12-Month Notices to Vacate

Dubai Landlords Give Tenants 12-Month Notices to Vacate and Raise Rent

Demand Is So High That There Is A Premium For 'Vacant On Transfer' Villas In Dubai. In property rental market of Dubai, 90-day notice period is customary. How about 12-month notices, though? Yes, these extensive notices releases by landlords and property owners. Because of Dubai's extraordinary demand for built property. These property owners/sellers want to make sure that when a contract is signed...

Registration of off-plan Property

Can A Developer Do Initial Registration of Off-Plan Property in the Buyer’s Name?

If The Property Is Not Registered, The Buyer May Terminate The Purchase Agreement. I paid 40% of the property's cost to buy a property from a developer over a year ago. However, it later emerged that the developer had not registered the property in my name with the Real Estate Regulatory Department. When I asked the developer to register the property in my name. He responded that after the project...

Tenant Registration for Dubai

Updated Tenant Registration For Dubai: Date Cut Off; Occupant Names Not Required

Once Registered, Information On The Tenancy Contract Will Be Automatically Updated. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has made it clear that residents who have not yet registered co-occupant details only needed to proclaim the number of cohabitants who are currently residing with them. Previously, residents had to provide their co-occupant's names, Emirates ID numbers, and dates of birth. Residents are...

Settle Rental Disputes

Landlords and Tenants Use RERA Systems to Settle Rental Disputes

Rents In Dubai Rise By 25%, Prompting Landlords To Seek RERA Assistance In Justifying Higher Rent Demands. More landlords and tenants are attempting to reach an agreement on rent increases during renewals. Because of the more than 25% increase in Dubai's residential rents. To determine whether they are qualified to request an increase, landlords are turning to the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency)...

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