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Bigger Homes at Lower Rents

Bigger Homes at Lower Rents: Reasons for People Moving To Suburbs

Additionally, It Costs Less To Purchase Residential Properties Outside Of Cities. Being a city girl who loved the convenience of everything that came with it, Filipina expat Rachel Delacruz. However, when she became pregnant with her first child, she suddenly felt the need for so much "own personal space." She made the decision to relocate to DAMAC Hills 2, a suburb that is about 50 kilometers from her...

Brand New Homes

Will Tenants in Dubai Make Payments on Brand-New Homes Over 5-8 Years?

When It Comes To Ready-To-Move-In Homes And Longer Payment Terms, Developers See Opportunities. Dubai developers are using the rising cost of rent as a justification to persuade potential end-user buyers to purchase a home rather than continue to rent. In addition, developers are supporting that with enticing offers for homes that have just been delivered or that will do so soon. Their sales...

Dubai Rents

Dubai Rents: Despite A Strong Summer, Rental Growth Is Still Going Strong

By The End Of August, Average Rent Increases In High-Demand Areas Will Be Closer To 35%. It seems unrealistic to anticipate a slowdown in Dubai's housing market in the upcoming weeks. Within Dubai's freehold areas, there were over 36,800 "Ejari" contracts signed by landlords and tenants just in August. In addition, those figures are 9.7% higher than they were a year ago. The total includes both renewed...

Dubai Rental Properties

Dubai Rental Properties for Residential And Commercial Purposes

There are several options when it comes to Dubai Rental Properties. Some properties are listed by the landlord, while others are handled by agents. In most cases, these agents are English and few are native speaking and will schedule viewings. If you want to see an apartment for rent, call the agent and arrange for a viewing. They are usually open on weekends and can help you find an available apartment....

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