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Dubai Properties Service Charges

How Can I Locate the Service Charge for a Property in Dubai?

Online Service Enables Homeowners to Plan Their Budget for Expenses More Effectively If you are considering buying property in Dubai, it is essential to factor in the service charges associated with maintaining and managing the property. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) offers prospective homeowners access to a Service Charge Index, accessible through the DLD website or their app, 'Dubai REST.' Here is...

Guide to Buy Property in Dubai

A Guide To Purchasing A Property In Dubai

Buying Property In Dubai Is Now A Much More Streamlined Process. Query 1: Could you outline the procedures for purchasing a home in Dubai? I am a recent immigrant from the United Kingdom. The terminology employed by real estate salespeople to describe the buyer-seller agreement, land department registration, Ejari, and other terms has me perplexed. Response: Due to the use of cutting-edge...

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