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Real Estate Deals in Dubai

Deals Involving Real Estate Reach Dh10.3 Billion In Dubai

Data From The Dubai Land Department Show That 1,999 Apartments And Villas Sold For A Total Of Dh4.59 Billion. While 311 Plots Achieved A Dh2 Billion Profit. According to data from the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the real estate market in Dubai had 2,785 real estate transactions. Totaling Dh10.3 billion during the week ending February 10, 2023. According to the DLD data, 311 plots were sold for Dh2...

Dubai Property Earns

Dubai Property Earns Dh10 Billion in the First Ten Days Of 2023

Will It Be Another Record Year With 45 Purchases Involving Homes Worth Dh15 Million Or More? The Dubai property market is off to a rousing start in 2023. With 45 houses getting Dh15 million or more in the initial 15 days of the year. The perception is that the first quarter of 2023 will be just as robust for high-value residences. In the full year of 2022 when Dubai broke new records for the number of...

Dubai Records Real Estate Deals

Dubai Records Dh91 Billion in Real Estate Deals For the Week

Most Apartment Deals Recorded By Jumeirah Second. For the week ending December 9, 2022, 3,186 real estate transactions totaling Dh91 billion recorded in Dubai. Data indicated that 2,233 flats and villas sold for Dh4.64 billion, while 419 plots were sold for Dh2.24 billion. The highest-priced deal of the week was the sale of a piece of property in Marsa Dubai for Dh265.69 million. That followed by...

Dubai Records Weekly Real Estate Transactions

Dubai Records Weekly Real Estate Transactions Worth Dh8 Billion

147 Plots Sold For Up To Dh1.12 Billion, And 2,023 Homes And Villas Were Bought For Dh4.79 Billion. As per figures released by the Dubai Land Department, 2,703 real estate transactions totaling Dh8 billion took place during the week ending October 21, 2022.  A total of 147 plots were sold for Dh1.12 billion, and Dh4.79 billion was spent on 2,023 apartments and villas. The top deals involved two...

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