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Vacation Home Rentals in Dubai

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Are you an expat looking for a place to rest your weary head? Or perhaps you're a property buyer thinking of investing in Dubai real estate. Whatever the reason may be, if you are searching for vacation home rentals in Dubai, and then look no further. Here we will introduce you to some amazing accommodation options that will take your breath away and make any holiday feel truly special. From luxurious...

Rent Increases In 2023

Dubai Offers the Most Affordable Areas Due To Further Rent Increases In 2023

Following The Pandemic, Recovery Started As Numerous Foreign Workers Returned Along With The Improvement In The Job Market And An Influx Of Hnwis. Rents in Dubai will continue to rise in 2023, especially in the most sought-after areas where demand is outpacing supply. While rental growth in more affordable areas is anticipated to be moderate. Since 2014, the emirate's rents have been declining. But...

Dubai Rental Market

Dubai’s Rental Market Saw A 27.3% Increase This Year

According To CBRE, Average Villa Rents Will Increase By 25.4% And Average Apartment Rents Will Rise By 27.6% In The Year To November 2022. Dubai real estate industry extended its golden run throughout the year due to high demand from investors and end users. Because of significant business and visa changes, and the Dubai rental market had strong double-digit growth this year. "As of November 2022, the...

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