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Are you an expat looking for a place to rest your weary head? Or perhaps you're a property buyer thinking of investing in Dubai real estate. Whatever the reason may be, if you are searching for vacation home rentals in Dubai, and then look no further. Here we will introduce you to some amazing accommodation options that will take your breath away and make any holiday feel truly special. From luxurious...

Short Term Rentals Dubai

1-Year Dubai Rental Listings Are Declining As Landlords Seek Short-Term Rentals

Tenants Who’s Leases Are Up For Renewal Face Significant Rent Hikes as Supply Continues to Tighten. There are fewer new residential listings in Dubai available for one-year leases. Which should further pressure rates for new leases. This decline is being brought on by the city's ongoing demand from newcomers. The rise in landlords who are renting out their properties on short-term leases. This is...

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