Registering Investors for Golden Visa


UAE Eliminates Minimum Payment Condition for Property Golden Visa

UAE Says, "No Need For Big Money Upfront To Live Here!” Guess what? The UAE just made it easier for people to get a property with golden visa. No more stressing about coughing up a huge amount before you can stay here. You used to need to pay AED1 million ($272,294) just to start the process, but not anymore! Now, all you need is a property worth AED2 million or more. It doesn't matter if it's a...

Bank Deposit for UAE Golden Visa

Dh2M Bank Deposit Popular for UAE Golden Visa

With Bank Deposit Rates at 5.5%, Many Investors Find 2-Year Lock-Ins Ideal Considering the UAE's 10-year golden visa? Dh2 million-bank deposit option gains traction. An increasing number of individuals seeking long-term UAE residency are turning to the Dh2 million bank deposit route. This approach is viewed as a sound investment, with deposit rates currently ranging from 3.99 percent to 5 percent,...

Eligibility for Golden Visa

The Rising Eligibility of Dubai Residents for Golden Visas

According To Industry Executives, The Eligibility For Golden Visas Has Expanded To Include Nearly All Townhouse Buyers As Prices Have Surpassed The Dh2 Million Mark. Due to a surge in real estate values during the pandemic, more and more residents are qualifying for Dubai's renowned Golden Visa residence. Since prices have surpassed Dh2 million and new townhouses are being introduced at Dh2 million...

Dubai Golden Visa UAE

Dubai Golden Visa Enables Long-Term Residents to Purchase More Properties

The Influx of Foreign Capital and High-Net-Worth People into The Local Market Has Helped The Emirate's Real Estate Market Rebound Significantly Since COVID-19. Because of new initiatives regarding visa regimes, such as the Golden Visa, residents of Dubai who have lived there for decades are purchasing an increasing number of properties and establishing the emirate as their home. The largest private...

Golden Visa for Investors

Few Developers Registering Investors for Dh2m Property for Golden Visa

If The Asset Value Of A Property Exceeds Dh2m, The Owner May Request A DLD Valuation. Select Dubai developers are now able to register Golden Visa-eligible property owners directly. Further simplifying the process for these investors to obtain a 10-year residency. This is applicable to investors who have purchased real estate (or multiple units) for at least Dh2 million. For those whose properties...

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