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Little Moscow in Dubai

Dubai’s ‘Little Moscow’ Emerges as Russian Investors Acquire Housing Clusters

In recent years, Dubai has seen a significant surge in Russian investors keen on acquiring land plots, intending to establish what is now popularly referred to as 'Little Moscow.' This trend has gained momentum, particularly in light of sanctions imposed on Moscow, limiting Russian access to European and North American markets. Let us delve into the Russian impact on Dubai's real estate sector. The...

Russian Investments in Dubai

The Influence of Russian Investments on Dubai’s Real Estate Market

The Influx of Russian Investors Drives a 47% Surge in Dubai's Property Prices, According to Data Dubai has long been a magnet for affluent individuals and entrepreneurs worldwide, drawn by its reputation for stability and opulence. In 2022, however, the city witnessed an unprecedented wave of Russian investors that left an indelible mark on the Dubai real estate market. Sparking a remarkable 47% surge...

Russian Speaking Real Estate Company Dubai

Are you looking for a Russian-speaking Real Estate Company in Dubai?

Russian-speaking investors and property buyers are relocating to Dubai. As the conflict in Ukraine and sanctions against Russian-speaking individuals have pushed these people into the real estate market in Dubai. Dubai has a large Russian population with almost 100,000 residents. Before the Ukraine-Russia conflict, there were only 40,000 individuals in Dubai. However, after this conflict, almost 60,000...

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