Rent Valuation

Rent Valuation in Dubai

How you can get a good rent via Rent Valuation in Dubai

The 'Rent Valuation In Dubai' Service Assists Landlords And Tenants In Reaching A Rent Agreement. If you own a property in Dubai and have been unsuccessful in revising the rent, the 'Rent Valuation in Dubai' service provided by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) may provide you with a break during lease negotiations. Whether the existing rent on your villa or apartment is less than the market value....

Rent Valuation Service

DLD’s Rent Valuation Service Aids In Settling Landlord-Tenant Conflicts

The Dubai Land Department's Rent Valuation Service Is Removing Obstacles to Rent Increases. A key to resolving any impasse in lease negotiations between tenants and landlords is quickly emerging as the rent valuation service provided by Dubai Land Department. Market sources claim that the valuation is completed within a few days. In addition, that everyone involved in the rent negotiation process now...

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