Dubai Property Owners

Dubai Property Owners

Dubai Property Owners Getting Younger: 5 Reasons for the Trend

Industry Executives Praise Simplified and Hassle-Free Dubai Property Buying Process Mohammed Iqbal and his wife, who had been contemplating purchasing property in Dubai for a while, finally decided two years ago after careful financial planning and consideration. The impact of the pandemic prompted them to save up and take the leap. They evaluated factors such as return on investment, forex rates, and...

Dubai Properties Renovation Eviction

12-Month Notice Required For Dubai Property Renovation Eviction

Disputes Can Be Referred To Rera Rental Dispute Centre In Dubai. If you are a tenant and have been asked to vacate your villa due to the owner's plans to renovate the building, you must receive a 12-month notice period. According to Article 25, Law 33 of 2008 (Amendment of Law 26, 2007), if the landlord deems the property to be in a condition that requires restoration or comprehensive maintenance. That...

Dubai Property Owners

YouGov Study Reveals That More than Half of Dubai Property Owners Sell Their Properties This Year

Additionally, A Metropolitan Homes-Commissioned Survey Reveals That 90% Of Respondents Plan To Buy Another Home In The Emirate After Selling Their Current One. According to a YouGov survey commissioned by Metropolitan Homes, a new division of the Metropolitan Group concentrates on Dubai's secondary market. That catering to end-users, investors, and wealthy asset owners, nearly two-thirds of Dubai...

Dubai Property Owners Have To Pay Service Charges as Per New System

Dubai Property Owners Have To Pay Service Charges as Per New System

Some Property Owners Have Informed Unpaid Renters That They Cannot Have Any Repairs Made To Their Units. Homeowners in Dubai are once more being reminded to pay their service charge debts before the end of the year. In addition, property management companies are threatening harsh action if there are any further delays. Some property owners who rent out their units have been getting updates stating...

UAE Golden Visa Holders Sponsor Parents

UAE Golden Visas Holders Can Sponsor Parents for A 10-Year Residency

On October 3, A New, Significantly Expanded Visa Program Went Into Effect. It Added New Entry Permits And Made Existing Choices Simpler. UAE residents with Golden Visas can now apply to sponsor their parents for a 10-year residency. This is a component of the extended Dubai Golden Visa program. That became active on October 3. They issued a 10-year Golden Visa for the parents of a 10-year visa holder,...

Dubai Property Owners

Dubai Property Owners Can Sell Their Apartments Via Brokers Even Residing In Abroad

This Expedites Transactions For Overseas Property Sellers. Are you a Dubai property owner based in abroad and would like to complete a potential sale quickly? You can do this right now by simply giving a registered broker Power of Attorney (PoA) rights and taking care of what needs to do. Such PoA rights have become valid as the demand for ready homes in Dubai. Particularly those that the new...

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