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Can Dubai Tenants Negotiate Lower Rent Post-Contract?

A KT Reader Inquires About The Feasibility Of Securing A Lower Rent By Referencing Rates In The Same Building. Question: Having recently signed a lease for a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai, I've noticed a decline in rents within my building, with others renewing their contracts at significantly reduced annual rates. Can I renegotiate for lower rents in this context? Answer: In response to your...

Dubai Tenants Renewing Contracts

Why Dubai Tenants Are Choosing to Renew Contracts Amid Rising Rents?

Affordable Apartments in High-Demand Areas Experience Up to 17% Rent Hike Dubai tenant Salim Ahmed recently received a notice of rent increase from his landlord, pushing his annual rent beyond his budget. However, Ahmed has made the decision to stay in his current residence. “My landlord has raised the rent by approximately Dh5000. Initially, I considered moving to a different apartment in the...

Dubai Rent Stabilization

Dubai Rent Stabilization, Property Prices Surge by 17% in a Year

Despite Villa Prices Soaring 146% Since January 2020, Demand for Palm Properties Remains Strong Dubai's rental market may be stabilizing, but property sales values are soaring. Over the past 12 months, the average value of residential transactions has surged by 17%. In addition, the trend continued with a nearly 5% gain in the April-June period alone, as reported by Knight Frank. For luxury home...

RERA Rental Calculator

Understanding RERA Rent Calculator: Tenant Rights Explained

The Rental Price Increase For Landlords Is Constrained By Factors Such As The Property Type And Size, The Location, And The Current Market Value. Amidst the confusion surrounding tenants' rights, the UAE's commercial property sector witnessed its highest demand for occupancy in the second quarter since 2014. As the Dubai property market makes a robust recovery from the pandemic. Certain landlords have...

Rising Rent

Rising Rents: Is it Time for Dubai Tenants to Consider Home ownership?

Mortgage Rates Unveil New Possibilities: Off-Plan or Ready Home Purchase for Dubai Residents. With the era of mortgage rate increases potentially ending, more tenants in Dubai are contemplating the transition from renting to owning their own homes. The prevailing factor driving this shift is the ongoing surge in rental costs, which shows no signs of slowing down. As tenants face the prospect of...

Dubai Rental Index

Owners and Tenants Closely Monitor Any Changes to Dubai Rental Index

Landlords Discover Their Renters Are Winning The Majority Of Judgments Under The Existing Rental Index. Both landlords and tenants are closely monitoring the Dubai Rental Index to see if it will soon fully reflect the rent hikes observed in 2022. However, their motivations for doing so are very different. Landlords prefer that their existing renters pay 15–25 percent more than they did when they...

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