9 Property Brokers in Dubai Were Fined DH 50000 and Suspended For 3 Months Due To Cold Calling

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In today’s business, world, cold calling is increasingly seen as an outdated and ineffective marketing tactic. More and more businesses are instead opting for modern methods of marketing such as social media and targeted online ads. However, still some businesses that rely on cold calling to generate new leads. However, as the recent case of nine real estate brokers in Dubai demonstrates, cold calling can often end badly.

The brokers were suspended for three months and their brokerage office was fined Dh 50,000 after they made numerous unsolicited calls to potential customers. This case serves as a reminder that cold calling is often seen as a nuisance by potential customers and can lead to negative consequences for businesses. As such, it is generally advisable to avoid cold calling altogether.

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The RERA, the Dubai property authority, has declared that it would not allow consumers to be inconvenienced by spam or fraudulent calls made by brokerage firms and sold on their behalf. In an effort at making life easier for people who have been receiving these types of offers in droves as they search online via the Dubai REST app. The regulator put up a “Green List” service, which includes reporting any such activity you notice so proper action can ultimately stop them from happening again. In this case, RERA fine is confirmed with DH 50,000 and suspension in three months.

With the rise of online real estate platforms and services, many property brokers and companies have turned to modern methods of marketing to reach potential buyers and sellers. However, these efforts are often intrusive and overwhelming, inundating consumers with unwanted communications via phone, email, and text messages. In response to this issue, leading real estate authorities have begun implementing regulations that limit these kinds of broker-to-consumer interactions.

One such initiative is the Real Estate Regulatory Authority’s new “Report Malicious Calls” service. This program is designed to reduce instances of aggressive or unsolicited marketing by real estate companies in Dubai. By filtering out unwanted communications and controlling the flow of information between brokers and consumers, this service ensures effective communication only when necessary. Additionally, it helps to minimize violations related to direct marketing of the property, as well as minimizing potential conflicts between brokers competing for sales contracts.

Overall, the RERA’s “Report Malicious Calls” program opens new channels for real estate companies while empowering investors and owners with greater control over their communication experience. So if you are looking for a more streamlined approach to managing your property transactions in Dubai, be sure to take advantage of this valuable resource today.

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