Abu Dhabi Initiates Dh7 Billion Project To Construct 1,742 Villas for Its Citizens

Abu Dhabi Villas Projects

Abu Dhabi Housing Authority Inks Two Agreements With Q Holding

Abu Dhabi has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to develop 1,742 villas at a staggering cost of over Dh7 billion in the West Baniyas and Al Samha regions. The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority recently announced this major undertaking. Which aims to address the housing needs of its citizens.

The West Baniyas residential project will consist of an impressive 1,500 residential villas. Accompanied by the addition of eight mosques and 14 commercial buildings. Encompassing a sprawling land area of 584.7 hectares, the project’s estimated completion is slated for the second quarter of 2027. With a total investment exceeding Dh6.3 billion, the development aims to create vibrant and sustainable housing communities.

Similarly, the Al Samha project will feature 242 villas, along with two mosques and a range of retail units. Spanning an area of 53.4 hectares, this project is projected to conclude by the fourth quarter of 2025, with an investment of over Dh734 million.

To bring these ambitious projects to fruition, the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority has forged two crucial agreements with Q Holding PJSC, a testament to their commitment to realizing the vision of Abu Dhabi’s leadership. The ultimate goal is to provide stability and social well-being for citizens by developing integrated and sustainable housing communities. That cater to their evolving needs and those of their families.

Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, emphasized the significance of these contracts. Stating that they are instrumental in materializing the leadership’s vision for the betterment of citizens’ lives.

With this monumental initiative, Abu Dhabi takes a proactive step toward meeting the housing demands of its citizens. Creating inclusive and thriving communities that will shape the future of the region.

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