Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Sobha Hartland Dubai

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Living Sobha Hartland

Sobha Hartland is a gated community that focuses on a comfortable and elegant lifestyle. It is one of Dubai‘s most significant communities, providing an inspiring lifestyle with noteworthy living options. The well-known building can be found in MBR and covers about 8 million square feet of space. With panoramic view of the Downtown, Meydan Racecourse, Dubai Canal, & Dubai Creek, it is among Sobha Realty’s most coveted and swiftly selling developments.

A variety of opulent villas, duplexes, apartments, & townhouses are availabl. Community that is brimming with excellent amenities, providing the best living facilities. Our blog will provide you with an overview of the most prevalent benefits and drawbacks of living in Sobha Hartland. Let us move on:

Benefits in Short Overview

  • It is a beachfront residential neighborhood in MBR City
  • There are villas, townhouses, & mansions here, as well as apartments and duplexes
  • The villas in the complex range in size from 5,000 to 17,061 square feet.
  • Explore the creek and canal while admiring the downtown skyline
  • Visit the two schools, mall, & recreation facilities in the neighborhood
  • SOBHA Realty, one of Dubai’s leading real estate developers, created the project

1.    Detail of Benefits

Now accepting applications for rent are the Hartland Greens & Hartland Aflux Apartments. Sobha Realty‘s townhouses and villas include Water Canal Villas, Garden House, Forest Villas, Hartland Estates Villas, and Gardenia Villas, all of which have drawn many investors in the past year. The gated community welcomes pets and offers inhabitants a feeling of safety and security.

 The basic necessities of life, such as healthcare, education, and recreational possibilities, are accessible from homes. Sobha Hartland is a fantastic option for families. It offers a way of life and luxuries that are unmatched anywhere else. Residents have access to community grilling areas, steam rooms, and infinity pools. Gyms, numerous schools, shopping centers, and health clubs are among the many other amenities available in Sobha Hartland Dubai.

Drawbacks in Short Overview

  • Sobha Hartland Villas offers a wide range of amenities, which may sound extremely alluring. However, the homes are under construction and are currently for sale.
  • Then there are several civic amenities nearby, but you might need a car to get around due to the lack of accessible public transportation.
  • However, all of these issues will be fixed after the community has matured. So for the time being, you must adapt.

1.    Detail of Drawbacks

There are some wonderful developments located inside the Sobha Hartland community. Villas provide contemporary facilities and are attractively furnishing. Before relocating, there are a few things to think about. To begin with, several villa projects are under construction and are therefore only available for purchase. Second, most facilities as restaurants, beaches, and shopping centers are accessible by car. Owning a car is required to travel around because there are few options for public transportation.

Final Words

The development of Sobha Hartland was thoughtfully planned and carried out. One of Dubai’s top attractions, it offers a variety of beautiful activities to enjoy. You are free to publicly love, laugh, and live in a community where everything is visible. With the moderate properties available in the neighborhood, I believe you could even plan your investment.

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