Can The Buyer Pay Directly To A Developer In Dubai?

Developer in Dubai

All Transactions, Including Payments, Must Be Made VIA Dubai Land Department.

A top question: After I pay the whole sum that, the initial buyer of the property paid to the developer. I would like to purchase a property from one of the builders through them. What are the legal steps required to complete the acquisition of the property and guarantee that the property is properly registered in my name? May I pay the money directly to the buyer? Kindly advice

In Dubai, lands designated as freeholds are permissible for foreign ownership. Foreigners and expatriate citizens may acquire usufruct rights, freehold ownership rights, or leasehold privileges for up to 99 years.

Non-Nationals list the land parcels classified as freehold properties in Article 3 of Regulation No. 3 of 2006 Determining Zones for Ownership of Real Property in the Emirate of Dubai. The emirate’s Land Department is responsible for issuing title deeds. Property ownership in Dubai is open to all ages.

Governing Real Estate

We encourage you to follow all the necessary steps, including paying the required fees to the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Which is in charge of policing the emirate’s real estate ownership laws. It establishes who is qualified to purchase a property and when ownership may be passed to the buyer. It serves as a mediator between both the buyer and seller.

The most crucial service is submitting a request to evaluate any type of property. Whether it be residential or commercial land or purchasing a property in Dubai for housing units. This aids those looking to invest in understanding the processes for buying a property in Dubai and offers them a variety of services.

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