UAE Golden Visas Holders Can Sponsor Parents for A 10-Year Residency

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UAE Golden Visa Holders Sponsor Parents

On October 3, A New, Significantly Expanded Visa Program Went Into Effect. It Added New Entry Permits And Made Existing Choices Simpler.

UAE residents with Golden Visas can now apply to sponsor their parents for a 10-year residency. This is a component of the extended Dubai Golden Visa program. That became active on October 3. They issued a 10-year Golden Visa for the parents of a 10-year visa holder, as per Khaleej Times. These used to be issued for a year, just as it is for people with regular residency.

A customer service representative for the Federal Authority confirmed the development of Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP).

An expatriate employee can sponsor parents for a year’s stay by “missing a deposit as a guarantee for each parent as stipulated by the individual immigration department,” according to the official UAE Government website.

Golden Visa holders Dubai are exempt from making the deposit required to sponsor parents. They must provide paperwork from their respective consulates attesting to the fact. That they are the parents’ only caregivers, according to Firosekhan.

If their parents make at least Dh20000 a month in income. UAE residency visa holders typically qualify to sponsor their parents. Golden Visa holders are exempt from this salary requirement as well, Firosekhan continued.

Since they were first introduced, qualified citizens have received hundreds of thousands of Golden Visas Dubai. Costs for the 10-year visa range from Dh2800 to Dh3800. Children of Emirati moms now receive 5-year residency visas from the UAE.

Golden Visa Scheme Has Been Expanded

On October 3, a new system for resident and visitor visas entered into effect. It added a new entrance and residency permits, streamlined current choices, and established new residency tracks. An expanded Golden Visa program, which now allows more categories of people to obtain the coveted 10-year visa, was one of the changes.

Golden Visas holders are exempt from having their residency status affected by more than six months spent outside of the UAE. Golden Visa holders may sponsor children of any age. Additionally, no restriction on how many support employees they may sponsor.

The minimum monthly salary criterion for long-term residency reduces from Dh50000 to Dh30000, enabling more qualified professionals to apply. Some of the disciplines include medicine, science, business, engineering, information technology, and administration. Law, culture, and social sciences are examples of other disciplines.

Candidates should come in the first or second occupational level according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and have a current employment contract in the United Arab Emirates.

Even with a loan from “specific local banks,” investors who purchase a property worth at least Dh2 million are eligible for the long-term visa. Off-plan properties from “approved local real estate companies” are permitted.

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