What To Think About Before Renting A House In Dubai

Rent a House in Dubai

These Are The Factors You Should Take Into Account When Choosing An Apartment To Rent In Dubai.

Although Dubai is a city of alternatives and possibilities, it is not always simple to find what you are searching for. A house is more than simply a location you return to after work. it is also, where you will spend the next several years creating the majority of your memories. Although it is a monumental undertaking, figuring out your rental possibilities in Dubai is not difficult. If you do the correct type of study and are well-prepared. It is feasible to discover and rent a suitable place for yourself and your family regardless of your budget. When locating and securing your future residence for you and your family, think about the following:

Decide What You Want

Clearly, choosing the type of rental property should come first. You can limit the kind of your future property based on the number of tenants and the amount of room you would need. Do you want to lease an apartment, a home, a townhouse, a penthouse, a villa, or a flatshare? Are you a student trying to find homes for students? There are several benefits and drawbacks to various home arrangements. You may begin looking for possibilities once you have determined the type, size, and number of rooms you will need.


Some people like the activity and accessibility of a city Centre, while others prefer the peace and seclusion of a residential development. You may focus on the type of neighborhood you want to live in after deciding what kind of rental property you desire. Living in the city centers may show to be well worth your money if you are a single, working person or couple. Students attending one of the city’s many institutions may benefit from the amenities and community spirit of a student-friendly neighborhood.

Depending on the makeup of your family, the location is also crucial. If you have small children, it seems sense that you would want decent schools and/or daycare facilities nearby. An ideal location would be self-sufficient and close to restaurants, supermarkets, dry cleaners, and other shopping possibilities. The Dubai Metro and other public transportation would be necessary for people without their own automobile. Moreover, if you or a member of your family has a handicap, you must ensure that the apartment or home has a ramp and is accessible to people with disabilities.

Rent Costs and Spending Plan

Hence, the following step is to select your rental budget once you have settled on the style and area of your preference. A general guideline is to not spend more than 25–30% of your income on rent. While allocating money for rent, do not forget to set aside a reserve fund for any additional unanticipated costs. That can arise when moving, especially in the beginning.


Nothing worthwhile happens in life unless you put in the effort. Doing as much independent research as you can help you locate the apartment of your dreams. Visit sites like Buzzon, Dubizzle, Property Finder, Bayut, and Houza often to have a strong first understanding of the Dubai rental market. Send a rental inquiry via the website or email if a location catches your attention. Then haggle over the costs and amenities. The only approach to fully understand the location and everything it has to offer is to visit the property. For your relocation, it is important to use the services of a reliable packers and movers.

Speak With A Realtor

If you can afford one and lack the confidence to search for a home online, speaking with and using the services of a reputable realtor or agent is a terrific option. These realtors will focus their search and only offer you rental properties that best meet your needs. As they can do all the paperwork and other procedures, this is an excellent method to save time and energy when looking for a house. However, be aware that you must give the realtors a commission.


The UAE Civil Code (Federal Law No. 5/1985) states that once a property has been rented, the landlord is responsible for its upkeep and repairs. Even the details will be included in the individual tenancy agreement. If the landlord does not uphold the law, the tenant may even cancel the lease and file a complaint.

Conditions of Rental

The next and most crucial step is to prepare and sign the Tenancy Contract (Rental Agreement). When you have decided on your ideal location. The terms of your lease as well as the obligations of both the landlord and the tenant are outlined in this legally-binding agreement. In addition, it is registered with Ejari. Ejari, which means “My Rent” in Arabic, is an online registration system. That completely digitizes and makes transparent all aspects of the rental agreement, including renewals, cancellations, and terminations.

Other Factors

When migrating, you should also think about the following:

  • Furnishing: Deciding whether you want an unfurnished, partially furnished, or completely furnished space is crucial. A completely furnished flat is an option if you are new to Dubai and do not have any furniture of your own. However, if you have moved before, chances are good that you already have the necessities. Over the duration of the lease, many landlords lease out certain household appliances like refrigerators and cooking ranges.
  • Parking Services: Some houses have free parking spaces assigned to them, while others do not.
  • Pet-Friendliness: If you have a pet, you must ensure that your neighborhood is pet-friendly.
  • Neighbors: Another factor you will need to take into account is the availability of friendly and secure neighbors.

Picking a house for oneself is never simple and frequently involves a million different factors. However, if you narrow down your search and keep the aforementioned criteria in mind, it will be simpler.

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