How you can get a good rent via Rent Valuation in Dubai

Rent Valuation in Dubai

The ‘Rent Valuation In Dubai’ Service Assists Landlords And Tenants In Reaching A Rent Agreement.

If you own a property in Dubai and have been unsuccessful in revising the rent, the ‘Rent Valuation in Dubai‘ service provided by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) may provide you with a break during lease negotiations. Whether the existing rent on your villa or apartment is less than the market value. Alternatively, you want a fair approximate on the rent of a recently bought property that you intend to rent out. Here’s how you can obtain a DLD valuation.

What Exactly Is A Rent Valuation Service?

The rent valuation service, according to DLD, allows customers to request a rental valuation for a real estate unit. Landlords and tenants can request the service online at Or via the official DLD mobile app Dubai REST,’ which is accessible for Apple and Android devices.

What Is The Service’s Advantage?

If you believe your property’s rent is too low in comparison to other units on the market. You can ask for a Rent Valuation in Dubai service as a homeowner. This service can assist in finalizing the rent for a unit if the landlord and tenant disagree on the rent of a property.

How Do You Go About Requesting The Rent Valuation Service?

You can find the service on the DLD website Alternatively, via the official DLD mobile app, ‘Dubai REST,’ by searching for ‘Request for Valuation of Property Lease’ in the website’s search bar or the app’s menu section. However, in order to use the service, you must first register with DLD as a property tenant or owner. Alternatively, you can use your UAE Pass account to log in.

  • After signing up for the service, enter your property information and upload images of the residential unit.
  • The service fees must then be paid.
  • Following the completion of the application, a DLD property valuation team will visit the premises. When the property is valued, you will be given a ‘Rental Valuation Certificate.’
  • The entire procedure could take a week.


The price can range between Dh2000 – Dh10000.

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