Why JVC Dubai Is So Famous Among Tenants and Buyers?

JVC in Dubai

Why Do So Many People Choose To Live In JVC Dubai, According To Locals and Experts

Several people of Dubai have been compelled to move to the suburbs due to rising rents. Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the locations that are now most benefited from the migration. With a burgeoning population, the neighborhood is thriving, and houses are available for rent that is substantially lower than in other parts of the city.

According to John Podaras, a recent resident of JVC from Greece who works in the hospitality sector, “there’s a true neighborhood sense about JVC Dubai.” There are many high-quality small businesses and groceries, and the personnel is very welcoming.

“I live in District 14 and they are all within a five-minute walk of each other.” I also appreciate the area’s mix of uses. Young trendies making their first forays into expat life can be found alongside young families raising their kids in larger housing. However, he did have some complaints, mainly regarding the traffic.

Overview Of Renting And Purchasing In Jumeirah Village

These are the neighborhoods’ average rents, per the property search website Propertyfinder.ae. The cost is influenced by the view, location, height of the building, and other factors.

1.    Apartments

  • Studio is Dh40000
  • One bedroom is Dh60000
  • Two bedrooms are Dh83000
  • Three bedrooms are Dh120000

2.    Townhouses

  • Three bedrooms are Dh130000
  • Four bedrooms are Dh155000

The traffic is by far the worst aspect about it. As it is congested around rush hour, they could definitely use extra access points, he said. Many boys enjoy revving their motors in the wee hours as they drive the 100 yards toward the next red light.

According to one of Dubai’s top real estate agencies; JVC’s appeal is largely due to its increasing maturity as a suburb in addition to its affordability.

According to Simon Baker, managing director of the real estate company Haus & Haus, “JVC is in high demand so it offers excellent value for money and it’s a developing region that is improving all the time.”

There are some lovely parks and green spaces, and new restaurants and bars are opening weekly. The area is being much more inhabited and finished, making it nicer for the locals, and there are only a few vacant plots left.

Most Sought-After

According to the Dubai Land Department, the second most demanded location in Dubai last month had sales of more than Dh500 million. Business Bay, located in the core of the city, was the only place where demand was higher.

The average rent for a studio apartment in JVC is Dh46500. While a one-bedroom apartment costs roughly Dh68000 and a two-bedroom apartment Dh103000. These figures come from the most recent data on the Property Monitor website.

The amount of traffic in the region, especially when entering the close-by Hessa Street, is one issue that many locals have. In contrast to other areas of the emirate, Mr. Baker contends that the situation may not actually be all that awful. Each site in a city center will have traffic, and JVC’s road infrastructure is continually improving, he claimed. Although there is some traffic, the entrance and exit roads offer excellent access.

England native Kate Mullen, who has been in JVC for eight years, claims that the community’s growth has improved life for locals. Ms. Mullen, a PR professional who pays Dh36,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, said, “It’s great value for money and it’s close to so many places in Dubai.” “There was nothing here when I first moved, but now we have a huge mall (Circle Mall). As well as groceries, pubs, and restaurants.”

The Situation Is Continually Improving

She did, however, acknowledge that there were certain drawbacks to living there. “Many homes now have numerous residents, making it exceedingly crowded. In many places, the street illumination is also subpar, she added. This means that, as a lone woman, I do not always feel secure walking home after dark. However, I am unaware of any situations in which someone was injured.

Ludivine Marie, a French landscape architect who moved to UAE last year, began by looking at neighborhoods like Dubai Hills. Although it was nice, the 45-year-old later discovered that a two-bedroom apartment was available for less money nearby. “That was a really, really large inducement to get me to come here.” She claimed that residents frequently discussed the volume of traffic.

Ms. Marie, who spends Dh110000 for a two-bedroom apartment, said, “I’ve heard about the traffic concerns. But it’s not so much of a problem for me because I work from home a lot. Since I work for myself, I frequently start late and stay up late, so I do not witness the worst of it. South African native Jarryd Van Eeden, 26, and his wife have lived in JVC since last year. According to him, the benefits of living there outweigh the drawbacks.

It is close to my place of employment because I am in Motor City, he remarked. It is also quite close to other places, such as Dubai Marina or the Palm, and it offers all the shops you could possibly need.

The neighborhood, according to Mr. Van Eeden, a property industry professional, was not without its drawbacks. The worst thing I can say about JVC, he continued, is that with all the work going on, it may sometimes resemble a building site. There are numerous recent advances. I can see why. It is because the place is famous.

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