Deira In Dubai Experiences The Second-Largest Rent Increase In The City In September

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Rent Increase int the City

Sharper Rent Increases Can Be Seen In Apartments In Arjan, Deira, And Silicon Oasis.

There are further indications that rental hikes in Dubai are beginning to drive up prices. Even in regions where they had remained largely steady for the majority of the previous 22 months. Rates in the Deira neighborhood, which has several rental alternatives, increased by 4.4% in September. As a result, a typical larger two-bedroom apartment might now bring in between Dh60000 and Dh70000 for the landlord.

According to data from the real estate firm CBRE, Deira came in second for the biggest rental growth during September. Only behind Arjan, another popular neighborhood for families earning mid- to upper-mid incomes, whose growth totaled 4.7%. (According to CBRE, the typical rent in Arjan was close to Dh45000).

In Dubai, gains in September were 2.5%, demonstrating unequivocally that there have been no signs of  slowdown in rent increases. The most affluent areas of the city, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah, and Downtown Dubai, had gains of 3.8%, 4.1%, and 3.5%. The other renowned premium destination, Dubai Marina, increased by 2.6%. In the emirate, rent increases have exceeded 26% over the past 12 months that ended in September.

Affordable Areas Experience the Pull

Estate professionals claim that the rises seen in Deira and Arjan should not be unexpected. More new structures, like those in the Deira Enrichment Project, have been occupied in Deira and the surrounding areas, attracting tenants who are willing to pay higher rents. Since then, this has spread to older structures where landlords have been successful in bringing in renovations or high-quality enhancements. The agent continued, “Deira still provides residents with more cheap renting options, and many newcomers to Dubai are establishing houses there.

Arjan Is Advancing

Arjan is now among the more sought-after destinations to relocate because of the increased delivery of homes there at surprisingly low rental rates. There are a wide range of price possibilities available because it is also a site where many owners of recently delivered homes are testing the rental market. According to market sources, Arjan may experience double-digit rate increases in the upcoming 10 to 12 months.

Dubai Bur Rents

It’s interesting to note that rentals in Bur Dubai, another of Dubai’s favorite legacy neighborhoods, increased by just 1.3% in September, with CBRE estimating the average rent for a moderately sized apartment to be Dh63,800. As part of Dubai’s Urban Master Plan 2040, Bur Dubai will undergo significant renovations soon, but for the time being, the number of new structures entering the market is very modest.

The Next Significant Increase in Silicon Oasis?

One of the top destinations for young families or single people looking for studio or one-bedroom alternatives continues to be Dubai Silicon Oasis. According to CBRE, the cluster experienced a gain of 2.2% for an average of Dh48518 last month. Similar to Arjan, market feedback indicates that Silicon Oasis rents may experience even greater gains.

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