Dubai Hills Estate: Everything You Need To Know About This Community

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Dubai Hills Estate Community

Let us say you want to invest in real estate in Dubai. In such a case, Dubai Hills Estate is a must-consider option, ranking among the most well-known areas thanks to its advantageous settings and first-rate amenities. Additionally, a freehold development that Emaar Properties and Meraas holding collaborated on to create a high-end luxury home. The most recent project of hills estate is Address hillcrest villas Dubai. Some famous villas and townhouse projects are:

  • Maple Townhouses
  • Sidra Villas
  • Golf Place
  • Club Villas
  • Golf Grove Villas
  • Fairway Vistas
  • Parkway Vistas

Whereas, apartments projects are also available like:

  • Mulberry
  • Acacia
  • Park Point
  • Executive Residences
  • Golfville
  • Park Ridge
  • Collective 1 and 2
  • Golf Suites

The Dubai Hills Estate usually referred to, as “Dubai Hills” in the Emirates, will be thoroughly covered in this article. So, let us get started:

Location Information For Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate, which includes a mall, apartments, townhouses, villas, and residences, resembles an entire city inside of Emirates. It is well-liked since it offers sophisticated amenities including gyms, spas, plus healthcare services. This is one of the most significant advances.

Al Khail Road in Mohammed bin Rashid Rashid City leads to Dubai Hills Estate. It has an 11 million sq. ft. landmass and is close to Al Barsha South and Al Quoz 2. It is a carefully constructed neighborhood with a world-famous golf club and a breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa. As soon as you set foot inside the estate’s boundaries, lush green parks and endlessly beautiful gardens surround you. A vista makes investing in or renting a home nearby worthwhile.

Facilities and Amenities at Dubai Hills Estate 

List could be too much for you because it paints a picture of different wealthy metropolis that has it all. Three sizable hotels in Dubai Hill Estate, each with a first-rate infrastructure, spa facilities, and opulent guest accommodations. They also include two hospitals and the Dubai Hills Mall, a big mall where locals can do all of their shopping. They also have many notable schools, including GEMS International School, EMS Wellington Academy, and GEMS New Millennium School.

Due to the size of the land, two metro lines, as well as a 54 km bicycle path, have been added to assist the transportation system and make it simpler for people to move around the estate. Nevertheless, the 18-hole golf course in Dubai Hills is its best feature that capture the hearts of many ardent golf enthusiasts in the Emirates. Many locals continue to want the superb Dubai Hills Golf Club as a facility. The Dubai Hills Estate’s reputation as “The Green Heart of Dubai” is not surprising. The neighborhood aims to offer residents the most comfort and leisure opportunities without sacrificing the natural environment’s vegetation.

It would not be inaccurate to suggest that purchasing a luxury villa in Dubai Hill Estate with opulent amenities close by will allow you to live the life of your dreams. The good news is that you may speak with real estate experts like Inspire Real Estate to select the ideal property and personalize the villa to meet your needs. Swimming pools, plenty of parking spaces, sports courts, and a variety of dining establishments are available. Walking trails, a BBQ area, drive-in theatres, mosques, supermarkets, a separate maid room, and a kids’ play area are all accessible to residents of Dubai Hills.

The Property Market Trend Influencing Dubai Hill Estate’s Sale

Three important neighborhoods are located in Dubai Hill Estate, which offers a sizable area for residential units that may accommodate up to 100,000 people. Thousands of upscale Dubai Hill villas, homes, and apartments will be created from the properties, each with its own opulent environment.

Foreign investors wishing to buy villas for sale in Dubai for rental or personal use must take into account the fact that Dubai Hill Estate is a freehold development. Properties that are available in areas where foreign nationals can legally acquire any property are known as “freehold developments.” Therefore, it is theoretically the best way for foreign investors to legally hold and benefit from real estate.

On the other side, Dubai Hills is the ideal place if you are searching to buy a luxury home for your family and want to have the time of your life there. One of the greatest real estate companies in Dubai is Inspire Real Estate, where you can get assistance in identifying the ideal property for investment and receive an explanation of the benefits of purchasing a luxury home in Dubai.

Price Trends of Dubai Hill Estate in 2022

The Dubai Hill Estate offers a variety of property kinds, each with a unique sale price. That is anticipated to rise in line with market trends in 2022. This is a result of the pandemic’s severe negative impact and the sharp rise in real estate prices in 2021. The economy will develop moderately in 2022, and Dubai property prices will rise steadily at a normal rate.

Freehold properties in Dubai Hills sold for AED 1.9M last year. However, 4-bedroom villas in Dubai Hills are listed at AED 2.2M. Similar to this, 6-room villas cost at least AED 35 million. Large townhouses ranged in price from 2.35 million to 4 million AED, depending on how many rooms they had. Mansions were clocked at a maximum of AED 95M.

The location of the villa, townhouse, or apartment has a significant impact on these property prices. For instance, the majority of the facilities or the real estate close to the Dubai Hill Golf Course were higher than those further away. The trend is expected to continue in 2023, with the exception that costs are expected to rise over time. However, the price of Address Hillcrest Dubai hills estate villas prices starts from AED 22 million.

Therefore, you must purchase a home in Dubai Hill Estate if you want to live the ultimate luxury lifestyle. As the neighborhood presents a prime promise with its mesmerizing luxury villa building and townhouses outfitted with cutting-edge facilities, you must keep in mind that the amount you are paying now will benefit you in the future.

Benefits of the Nearby Places

Al Barsha and Barsha South are also close by, providing residents of the Dubai Hills community. That access to additional services like multiracial schools, shopping centers, and hospitals such As the Al Zahra Hospital & Saudi German Hospital. Additionally close to other Emaar neighborhoods such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, & Emirates Hills are the residential units.

The community residing in Dubai Hill Estate will definitely be surrounded by vibrant communities with first-rate amenities and an array of captivating views of skylines and vegetation. It is the ideal concept for both locals and foreign investors searching for a community. That can offer them the balance between a quiet and comfortable living and a race of urban energy.

Bottom Line

Dubai hills estate is everything for its residents. You can select desired property including Address Hillcrest villas with top-notch amenities. If you are interested in visiting the Dubai Hills estate location or if you are unsure of which Dubai Hills property to buy. The assistance of Binayah Real Estate can answer all of your inquiries. Because we have a knowledgeable staff of real estate, professionals that can point you in the direction of the greatest home in Dubai Hills in accordance with your spending limits and investment needs. Therefore, do not hesitate any longer and get in touch with us to learn more about Dubai Hill’s Estate is potential and future.

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