Dubai Hits Dh1.4 Billion In Property Transactions In Just One Day

Property Transactions Dubai

Transactions Include Sales, Mortgages, And Gift Arrangements

On Monday, the Dubai property market saw 528 sales transactions totaling Dh1.28 billion, as per Dubai’s Land Department (DLD). Additional 91 mortgage agreements worth a combined Dh169.72 million and 10 donation agreements worth a combined Dh23.06 million were made.

The sales included 71 land plots valued at Dh387.16 million and 457 homes and apartments valued at Dh893.08 million. The mortgages included 14 land plots worth Dh38.59 million and 77 houses and apartments worth Dh131.13 million. Increasing the total value of real estate transactions to nearly Dh1.4 billion.

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