Dubai Will Likely Rank among the Richest Cities in the World By 2030

Richest City in the World

The extravagant parties in Dubai will make you feel like Daddy Warbucks if you are not one. There are thousands of millionaires in Dubai. The decision of 13, billionaires, 202 % millionaires, & 67,900 millionaires to reside in this skyscraper-filled city. As their “humble” home should come as no surprise, right? In addition, with Dubai expected to rank among the top 20 richest cities by 2030. That number is only expected to grow and accelerate. (As per Andrew Amoils, Director of Research at New World Wealth.)

Richer people are becoming more prevalent in Dubai, Mumbai, and Shenzhen. A number of strong main industries. Including those in basic materials, lodging, oil and gas, financial services, real estate, retail, and transportation. That have emerged because of Dubai’s diverse commercial prowess.

The United States currently enjoys a major advantage in aspects of the Top 20 Cities in the World with more Millionaires in 2022. With New York at the top of the list. Tokyo came in third, behind the San Francisco Bay Area and London.

The top ten richest cities in the world (ranked by the number of millionaires)

  • New York with 345,600
  • Tokyo with 304,900
  • San Francisco Bay Area with276,400
  • London with 272,400
  • Singapore with 249,800
  • Los Angeles & Malibu with 192,400
  • Chicago with 160,100
  • Houston with 132,600
  • Beijing with 131,500
  • Shanghai with 130,100

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