Newest Luxury Penthouse on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah Costs Dh250 M

Newest Luxury Penthouse in Dubai

Customers Will Have To Wait Because Alpago Intends To Sell Shortly After Palm Flower Is Finished.

As per the developer Alpago Properties, the most recent ultra-luxury penthouse on Palm Jumeirah will cost Dh250 million. The developer has set prices for the 10 units that comprise the 11 storeys of the “Palm Flower” project. Who recently sold a fresh villa on the Palm for Dh302.5 million. Sales will not begin until the project is finished, which expects in 2024. Alpago used this strategy with its Frond G six-villa cluster. In which the Dh302.5 million home is available.

Each unit on the Palm Flower will cost between Dh95 million as well as Dh250 million. In addition, its spread will be between 9,000 and 19,000 square feet. While each of the other nine units will only have one floor, the most expensive unit will have two. Murat Ayyildiz, Chairman of Alpago Properties, had hired UK’s Foster + Partners as the architect. He claimed that his company was already famous for providing some of the most stunning and eye-catching properties to its prestigious clients.

Foster + Partners’ portfolio contains the Apple Tower Theatre in Los Angeles, Gherkin in London, and Hong Kong International Airport. It was most recently involved with the Alif. The Mobility Pavilion at Expo 2020.) When it will finish, Palm Flower will rank among the most coveted residences in the world.

Private elevators in the lobby will connect the spacious basement with customized parking pods and go right up to the penthouses. Every apartment will have a filled terrace with a private pool that faces the sea. By the month of September, Dubai‘s home sales of Dh100 million had already surpassed those for the entire year 2021. Moreover, the most recent sales on the Palm had reached Dh600 million.

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