Palm Jumeirah Still Dubai’s Ultra-Rich Spot: A Villa Sold For Dh145 Million

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Ultra Rich Spot in Dubai

Last Week’s Top Transactions In The Emirate’s Artificial Islands Included Both Land And Ready Properties.

The most recent data from DLD showed on Friday that Palm Jumeirah continues to be the preferred location in Dubai. For extremely wealthy real estate investors. According to statistics, Dubai’s man-made island continues to be the location of choice for strategy-based sales. As well as for apartment buildings and villas in the emirate. The top two land deals in Dubai last week, both on Palm Jumeirah, were each worth Dh130 million. In addition, they were followed by a third deal worth Dh68 million.

The top 3 transfers for apartments and villas included the sale of a Palm Jumeirah villa for Dh145 million. Followed by the sales of apartments for Dh81 million and Dh62 million. During the week ending November 18 in Dubai, there was Dh8.7 billion worth of real estate and property transactions. 2,233 homes and villas were sold for Dh5.04 billion. While 3,011 plots totaling 230 sold for Dh1.7 billion.

With 68 sales transactions totaling Dh194.43 million, Al Hebiah Fifth had the most transactions this week. Followed by Jabal Ali First with 43 transactions totaling Dh147.72 million and Nad Al Shiba First with 21 transactions totaling Dh153 million in third place. The total value of the mortgaged real estate for the week was Dh1.39 billion. Al Mazhar Second has the highest mortgage of Dh200 million. There have been 87 property grants worth Dh714 million among first-degree relatives.

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