Property Management and Some Hidden Fees in Dubai

Property Management Fees

Well-known real estate companies manage property management in Dubai, like in rest of developed countries. Because these companies are well versed in rules and regulations. More than 70% of Dubai’s population is foreign. Moreover, buying, selling, or managing a property here is the hardest thing for an average person to do. That is why the best and easiest solution is to contact the property management companies. So that all the arrangements related to your property can be handled efficiently. Today in this blog, we will provide you with guidance on different types of fees. What are the secret fees that you have to pay? So let us move on to the details:

1.    Property Management Fees

When searching to rent a residential real estate or a corporate unit in Dubai, like in most other cities throughout the world, it is normal practice to engage the services of a real estate agent. Rental professionals can save you time by navigating the market and providing you with the most up-to-date information on available properties and localities. What’s more important, an estate agent can defend your rights and interest throughout the process by securing your tenancy contract.

If the property’s rent is less than AED 100,000, the property management charge is AED 5,000. If the rent is larger than AED 100,000, however, the property management cost is 5% of the rent. It means that:

  • For residences, 2-5 percent of the annual rent is required
  • For workplaces and shops, the percentage is 7-10%

2.    Fees for Ejari

Dubai’s Land Department’s Ejari system is a legally binding contract registration platform that aids in the authentication of rental contracts & agreements between landlords and tenants. The basic charge for all sorts of properties is AED195.

3.    Housing fee

The Dubai Municipality tax is 5% of annual rent and is applied to the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) bills in 12 installments (together with every rental payment).

4.    A Refundable Security Deposit

It normally amounts to one month’s rent and is refunded when you leave the property. For repainting the unit and minor repairs, some landlords deduct a specific sum from the deposit.

5.    DEWA

When renting a property, you must pay DEWA deposits in addition to monthly utility bills. The amount of the deposit is as follows:


  • Deposit: 2000 AED (refundable when you leave)
  • AED 110 (connection, non-refundable)


  • 4000 AED (deposit – refundable when you leave)
  • AED 110 (connection, non-refundable)

6.    Fees for Cooling In the District

The amount of money required for district cooling deposits & connection fees varies depending on the provider and the size of the property. It might be beneficial to look at their websites.


The cost of Dubai Property management fees vary according to the property’s location, residential community, and building. However, you have learned different types of property management fees are mandatory.  However, above mentioned are the six types of fees that you have to pay at different stages in Dubai. Moreover, most of all, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and trouble by paying a reasonable fee.

That is why Dubai property management companies provide you with peace of mind and help keep your property in good condition. These companies will save you a lot of hassle from going and paying such type of fees. Because they can handle all the issues. Therefore, you can concentrate on your job. Binayah Property Management Company is the best in Dubai for your property-related issues. So, just call us or visit our site for further assistance.

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