Post Dated Cheques

21% of Residents in Some Communities Have No Post-Dated Rent Cheques

Renters Have 3 Payment Options Available Through An App. Since 2019, residents of numerous areas in Dubai have been able to pay their rent without a cheque. Managing 15 neighborhoods, Dubai Holding Asset Management handed out the payment option. When it released the "DubaiAM Life" app, according to a senior executive at the firm. Remraam, Layan, Ghoroob, Shorooq, Ghoroob Square, Dubai Wharf,...

Townhouse Communities Dubai

Top Five Townhouse Communities in Dubai

The popularity of townhouses among Dubai residents is rising. Expats love to buy townhouses in Dubai.  As time goes on and you continue to reside in the city, your circumstances change and your desire for Dubai to feel like home grows. After a few years in Dubai, many expats begin to seek and look for semi-detached or terraced homes because they are not accustomed to living in apartment towers and may...

Luxury Property Areas Dubai

Top Luxury Property Areas in Dubai

For many potential buyers or people looking for exclusive properties for sale, Dubai serves as a hub for real estate investments. It is like walking into a whole city filled with well-known tourist attractions, and delectable cuisines, as well as a diverse, multicultural setting that invites everyone to explore and take use of its amenities. The land of opportunity is another name for Dubai. As a result,...

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