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Buy or Rent Dubai Property Directly or Via an Agent?

While Selecting An Agent, Strongly Advised That Investors Select An Area Specialist. A real estate agent's best function is advising and helping buyers and seller's market. Buy property for the right price, under the best conditions. A skilled agent should be able to assess the needs of the client. Take into account their financial status, and suggest solutions that are appropriate. The agent evaluates...

Foreign Firms Can Purchase Properties in Dubai

Foreign Firms Can Purchase or Rent Commercial Properties on the Mainland

Rental Prices Are Not Projected To Fall In The Coming Months. Due to Continued High Market Demand and a Scarcity of Accessible Office Space. Can a foreign firm purchase commercial property on Dubai's Mainland? We intend to create a branch of our company and are searching for office space for 50 employees. It is a long-term software development and sales effort. What kind of rent can we expect to pay...

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