Rental Index

Dubai Rental Index

Owners and Tenants Closely Monitor Any Changes to Dubai Rental Index

Landlords Discover Their Renters Are Winning The Majority Of Judgments Under The Existing Rental Index. Both landlords and tenants are closely monitoring the Dubai Rental Index to see if it will soon fully reflect the rent hikes observed in 2022. However, their motivations for doing so are very different. Landlords prefer that their existing renters pay 15–25 percent more than they did when they...

Rent Increases and Evictions

How the Rental Index Secures Against Unfair Rent Increases and Evictions

Since The Covid-19 Pandemic, Rent Have Risen In The City. With Apartments' Increased Prices Quickly Approaching The Same Rate As Villas'. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera) rental index is becoming a go-to resource for tenants. As landlords issue more eviction notices and raise rents. After the Covid-19 pandemic, Dubai's rents began to rise. Along with apartment rent increases presently...

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