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Dubai 5.5G Villa

Dubai Launches World’s First 5.5G Villa With Wireless Tech And XR Games

Enabled By Du's 5.5G Experience Carrier, Offering Subscribers Real-Time Peak Speeds Of 10Gbps. On Monday, the world's inaugural 5.5G villa made its launch in Dubai, promising a new era of opulent living. This cutting-edge technology, a collaborative effort between the Chinese tech giant Huawei and the United Arab Emirates' second telecom provider, du, leverages Huawei's latest 5G-Advanced fixed...

Top Waterfront Villas in Dubai

Top Waterfront Villas in Dubai in 2023

Dubai, a city renowned for its captivating blend of natural beauty, towering skyscrapers, world-class cuisine, and abundant career opportunities, stands as a global beacon of success. Welcoming people from all corners of the globe, from ambitious entrepreneurs to dedicated laborers, Dubai's allure extends to a diverse range of housing options, from spacious studios to opulent waterfront villas. Today, we...

Most Expensive Villas in 2022

Three Of The Most Expensive Villas In The World Sold In 2022

According To A Study, The Third-Most Expensive Premier Property Sold Last Year Was A Dh600 Million Villa On Frond N In Palm Jumeirah. The 25 most expensive properties sold worldwide last year included three Dubai properties. The famous Palm Jumeirah, which has been the main draw for foreign buyers of high-end real estate, is where all three of the homes were situated. According to Savills, Dubai's...

Palm Villas Rent

Palm Villas Rent For Dh60000 In Dubai, Breaking All Previous Records For The New Year

This Year, Vacation Rentals In Abu Dhabi And Sharjah Are Also Aiming To Make A Statement. As anticipated, vacation house rentals in Dubai are projected to reach record heights for the New Year. For stays between December 30 and January 2, some villas on the Palm Jumeirah fetch over Dh60000 (4-bedroom villa on the frond). As owners of properties wait for some last-minute reservations, they may raise...

Rental Villas Dubai 2023

Where to Find Rental Villas in Dubai in 2023?

Whether you are moving to visit or looking to rent, there are many different types of rental villas in Dubai to choose from. Villas in Dubai offer privacy, luxurious living, and easy access to top-notch amenities. These properties are perfect for couples and families looking for a home in a city that provides a sophisticated lifestyle. They have spacious living rooms, private balconies, and barbecue...

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