Who Is Responsible For Flat Maintenance In Dubai: Landlords Or Tenants?

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Flat Maintenance in Dubai

The Emirates Rent Law Clearly Lays Out Both Parties’ Responsibilities.

Query: Who is responsible for maintenance, such as AC, plumbing, and general upkeep, in the apartment that I am renting in Dubai?

Response: Based on your question, it can be inferred that you are currently leasing an apartment in Dubai. Therefore, the regulations set forth in Law No. 26 of 2007 Regulating the Relationship between Landlords and Tenants in the Emirate of Dubai are applicable.


Under Dubai law, it is the landlord’s obligation to conduct the necessary maintenance and repairs for the leased apartment. Article 16 of the Dubai Rent Law states, “Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, a Landlord shall, during the term of the lease contract, be responsible for the Real Property maintenance works and for repairing any breakdown or defect that affects the Tenant’s full intended use of the Real Property.”

Additionally, if the apartment experiences a breakdown, damage, or defect that is beyond the control of the tenant, the landlord may be responsible for addressing the issue. This is covered in Article 17 of the Dubai Rent Law, which states, “A landlord may not make to the Real Property, or any of its facilities or appurtenances, any changes that preclude the intended use of the same. The landlord shall be responsible for any such changes whether made by him or by any other person authorized by him. In addition, the landlord shall be responsible for any breakdown, impairment, defect. Or damage sustained by the Real Property for reasons beyond the control of the tenant.”

Therefore, it is the landlord’s duty to perform maintenance and repair work on the apartment you are renting. Unless the tenancy agreement specifies that, you are responsible for certain repairs and maintenance at your own expense.

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to maintain the apartment in good condition. And not to carry out any modifications or maintenance work without the landlord’s permission. Article 19 of the Dubai Rent Law covers this, stating that “The Tenant shall use the leased property in accordance with the purpose for which it was leased and maintain it in a good condition. The Tenant may not make any changes or restoration works without the written consent of the Landlord.”

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