A Garden Villa In Dubai Sells For A Record-Breaking Dh67 Million

Garden Villa Dubai

A British Citizen purchases the Mansion at Palm Jumeirah with 6 Bedrooms and 10,000 Square Feet.

Another high-value deal was made in Dubai’s luxury real estate market. British high-net-worth individual purchased an exceptionally well-established garden villa at Palm Jumeirah for record-breaking Dh67 million in a single sitting. The DHB villa is now the most expensive garden villa on the market.

One of the leading architects in the area, Naga Architects, created 10,000-square-foot, six-bedroom home, which was constructed by DHB Properties. Zen Garden with a Japanese influence, a Koi fishpond in the center of the opulent property, and a ground-level pool. The new residence on Palm Jumeirah‘s Frond G has a lap pool on the top floor next to the master bedroom. As well as other notable amenities. Which is currently regarded as the Middle East’s billionaire’s row.

“As the day transitions into night, a play on glass and water generates a flow of lights and shadows. Almost every room in the house has a view of the sea thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass architecture. Which ensures that all areas are saturated with natural light “says BlackOak Real Estate partner Riad Gohar.

Unprecedented Garden Villa

With a remarkable business plan and leadership, BlackRock represents a new generation of real estate firms competing with established bigger competitors. By investing in a group of top-notch agents skilled in real estate sales, investments finance, and markets. It has built a very professional institutional-style retail brokerage platform.

The listing of this magnificent mansion on the palm was made possible by BlackOak’s collaboration with DHB & Naga Architects. When going inside the property, the architect’s meticulous attention to detail and passion are evident, according to Imran Sheikh, founder, and CEO of BlackOak Real Estate.

Sheikh credits his colleague Raid Gohar, who closed the transaction with the British buyer after just one viewing. With selling one of the priciest and most expensive garden houses ever.

With over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience, Raid “leads the real estate industry” and “takes a specific focus on the luxury market. Where he has processed over $1 billion worth of properties,” stated Sheikh.

Focusing On A Narrow Market

Gohar said that DHB Properties, a developer specializing in the specialized markets of luxury living and cutting-edge living experiences, had created the villa. Naga Architects, under the leadership of Dr. Shams Naga, created the designs.

In terms of design and construction standards, the villa is exceptional. The buyer had been looking for a villa for several months at a lesser price, but after he saw the DHB villa. He decided to buy it right away because there was not anything similar on the market, the seller said. The property has been furnished and equipped with some of the best brands available from Europe, the United States, and other countries, according to the designer Naga Architect, he said.

“The luxury real estate market in Dubai has attracted a lot of attention and activity this year. In terms of price and value per square foot, there have been deals with records broken, according to Gohar.

Lack of Expensive Luxury Goods

Sheikh claimed that the luxury market is booming due to the influx of HNWIs and UNWIs into the UAE and the dearth of high-end luxury goods. According to him, areas like Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Hills, District 1, etc., have a high demand for villas whereas Downtown, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeirah have a high demand for apartments. Sheikh, a 15-year veteran of the UAE’s real estate market, works with significant family offices and organizations. In addition, has completed more than $2.5 billion worth of real estate transactions. He stated that prime homes in Dubai have promising futures and would continue to draw investors, millionaires, and people with high net worth.

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