Amira Sajwani of DAMAC Wants Future Lagoons Residents to Think ‘Vacation Destination’

DAMAC Wants Future Lagoons

The DAMAC Project In The Desert Will Make 75% Of The Water Swimmable.

The property market in Dubai has its fair share of waterfront mega-developments. Dubai also has interior towns with ‘lagoons’ and ‘beaches’ that are extremely appealing in their own. However, a project created on a dry environment that will see 1 million sq. ft. of it flowing with water when completed in the next four to five years. According to the developer DAMAC Properties, 75% of the area will be swimmable. Welcome to the DAMAC Lagoons, whose wide design and architectural elements inspired by the most popular Mediterranean vacation destinations. Of course, it is all by the water.

DAMAC first came to market in November of last year, with the property located near Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street in Dubailand. If Amira Sajwani, DAMAC’s General Manager for Sales and Development, has her way, future inhabitants of DAMAC Lagoons would be able to enjoy their vacations and’me-time’ just outside their houses. In addition, there is no need to spend money on pricey plane tickets to any sun-dappled vacation spot in the world. However, for the time being, Amira’s attention is focused on the preparations. All of the water elements make it fairly complex.

‘Vacation Destination’ As Well

“First, we guarantee that the infrastructure below ground is in place before delivering the water through the main water supply sources,” she explains. “The water will be a combination of swimmable and lake water, and we will maximize the use of water.”

“Water may provide both excitement and adventure, as well as rest and peace.” It offers the impression of being on vacation, and our goal is to make people believe they live in a holiday spot. Water is something that individuals of all ages may appreciate, which is one of the primary reasons why this community exists. “To begin this process, we are about to award infrastructure packages.” We will have on-site water treatment facilities because the water also needs to be treated.

Quick to Capitalize On Off-Plan Surge

DAMAC first came to market in November of last year, with the property located near Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street in Dubailand. The launch was scheduled to capitalise on the significant demand upturn that Dubai has been experiencing since early 2021, particularly the demand for villas and townhouses. DAMAC Lagoons was providing enough of it.

“We are building homes in the first clusters that have been released,” Amira explained. “We aim to finish the ‘Santorini’ clusters by Q2-2024. While the ‘Nice,’ ‘Costa Brava,’ and ‘Portofino’ clusters will be completed by Q4-24.”

We structured the 43 million square foot project into eight clusters. Each named after popular holiday spots in Europe and encircled by the warm seas of the Mediterranean. Because water is the project’s central motif. “Each cluster takes the distinctive characteristics of the particular locale. For example, “Venice” will include swoon-worthy gondola excursions and seaside cafes.

Ziplines and Kayaks

More daring options, such as skate parks, kayaking, ziplines, biking and nature paths, mazes, and rock climbing, will be available if romantic gondola trips are not desired. Even a floating movie theatre outdoors. The goal is for future residents to permanently dwell there and enjoy vacations. Amira is hopeful that these bigger objectives may be achieved.

43 Million In Just 4 Years

To transform 43 million sq. ft. of desert into a residential neighborhood is no small undertaking. With plenty of water and vegetation over the course of four years. We successfully produced two communities of a similar size. Therefore, we know exactly how to accomplish it.

“We predict that the project will require more than 50 construction packages and over 100 million man-hours. To oversee the process, we have a capable and experienced projects staff. As well as specialized consultants to guarantee the caliber of the building.

“We are making progress with the initial clusters we launched in the DAMAC Lagoons, and we are also working on amenities for entertainment and recreation. We will be announcing further cluster launches. Which we predict will snap up swiftly since our clusters are almost sale out. Supported by official data, with DAMAC Lagoons ranking first in recent months for Dubai property sales.

As new items enter the market, there is a general trend toward (off-plan pricing) stabilization, according to Amira. Many people wants to buy a property for the first time due to the growth in demand and rent prices. Our most recent off-plan launches, which are nearly sale out, have drawn tons of attention. It certainly seems as though DAMAC’s promise to “wake up to waterfalls” is being taken seriously.

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