Can Landlords Prohibit Tenants From Making Holes In Their Apartments’ Walls?

A KT Reader Wants To Hang A Clock And Install Curtains.

In Dubai, I like an apartment. The real estate agent, however, says I cannot make any holes in the walls. I made the argument that I would have to drill some holes to hang clocks as well as other items or install the curtain. He will not budge, though, and insists that I will be responsible for any harm I cause. Can the business impose such a requirement?

In response to your questions, it is assumed that you have not yet signed the tenancy agreement. It is also assumed that realtor is the landlord’s authorized representative for all matters about the rental of aforementioned building. The Dubai Tenancy Law provisions are thus applicable.

A tenant in Dubai is responsible for keeping the apartment they are renting in good shape. This is in line with Article 19 of the Tenancy Law. Which also states that a tenant is responsible for paying rent on time and keeping real estate in good condition. Just as a prudent person would do with his or her property.

Tenant may not make major adjustments or carry out any renovation or maintenance work in the Real Property without the permission of the Landlord. As well as the necessary licenses from the competent official entities, without prejudice to the Renter’s obligation. To carry out whatever restoration that is agreed upon or that is customary for Tenants to undertake.

Furthermore, when vacating a flat, the tenant should return it to the realtor in the same condition. In which he or she received it, except for reasonable damage. This complies with Paragraph 21 of Dubai Tenancy Law, which states that upon the expiration of a lease contract’s term. The tenant must surrender hold of the Real Property to the landlord.

In the same condition that the tenant received it when the lease contract was signed. Except for normal wear and tear or damage caused by circumstances beyond the renter’s control. If a dispute arises between the parties in this regard, it will be referred to a tribunal for a decision.

In your situation as a tenant, drilling holes in walls might be necessary to hang curtains or other household accessories. Moreover, you might view this as normal wear and tear. However, the realtor might think that drilling into the building’s structure would be detrimental. You might have to abide by this requirement since the realtor has already told you that they do not permit the drilling of holes.

The estate agent may decide to rent the condominium under its terms regarding structural modifications or use. So long as those terms do not conflict with any relevant laws of Dubai. In general, the tenant may drill holes in the walls if the tenancy agreement does not prohibit it. Then, as they are leaving the apartment, they could fix the holes.

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