Developer DAMAC has stated that Bitcoin and Ethereum will accept

Crypto Currency

The initiative will reshape the face of property investment in the future and will influence investors all over the world.

The CEO of DAMAC Properties announced that his company would start accepting cryptocurrency as payment for property deals.

The Dubai-based company is on a mission to revolutionize real estate by making it more accessible, convenient and outcomes dependable. With their new services that facilitate cryptocurrency purchases for property investors across the world – they are providing optionality not available anywhere else.

“We are at the forefront of innovation,” said Ali Sajwani. “This shift toward customers retaining cryptocurrency is one of our measures to help expedite the adoption of cryptocurrency by future generations and experts across all industries.

Global businesses like ours need to stay on top of evolution in order for us all to benefit. Offering yet another transactional mode is exciting and I’m glad we can recognize how valuable this technology brings with it.”

He stated, “The future of money is here, and we are proud to be one step ahead in this new revolution. Our customers will experience yet another way for them to buy what they want without any hassle or transaction costs – it’s a win-win situation.”

The demand for cryptocurrency is increasing not only in Dubai but also across all of the UAE. Recently, YallaMarket – a delivery startup announced that they would now accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods. From customers who want their orders delivered quickly and efficiently.

The Dubai government has taken a step forward in the crypto industry by creating new regulations that will allow firms to operate with greater ease. Major exchanges are shifting their base here, and many smaller companies want to access as well. Because of how favorable conditions have become for those working within this space.

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming more popular in Dubai. This city of luxury and excess is heading towards becoming a crypto hub. With regulations that promote virtual assets instead traditional ones–and they are not just doing this because it is lucrative.  There seems to be some kind of grand plan going on here.

The two major cryptocurrency platforms, and Bybit have announced. That they will be setting up regional headquarters in Dubai to tap into the growing blockchain market of this city-state. With ambitions for becoming, one of its leading financial centers worldwide.

A great deal has changed since we first looked at how cryptocurrencies were going mainstream back during 2017. However, not so much when you compare it against what is happening now. It seems as though both companies want their presence felt here because after all… who does not like being on top?

The company will be directed by Ali Sajwani and will operate under the name ‘D-Labs’. The initiative forms part of the company-wide ambitions to move into digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

In an exciting move, the world’s largest toy company is set to dive into blockchain technology. Ali Sajwani and form part of their ambition for digital assets will lead the Group. As well non-fungible tokens (NFT) under the banner of ‘D-Labs’.

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