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Property brokers can readily adjust to the regulations on Crypto-Based Deals

Because The New Rule Just Tightens The Existing Ones, Agents Should Not Have Any Issues Complying. Dubai: A leading lawyer predicts that the UAE's initiative to regulate cryptocurrency payments in property deals would be successful right away because the industry is currently well regulated. The UAE said on Monday that real estate brokers would need to notify the specialized unit in charge of...

Bitcoin Accepting Property Companies in Dubai

Leading Bitcoin-Accepting Property Companies in Dubai

Buying real estate with Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular and easier, and some realtors are enthusiastic about the concept. While some remain skeptical, others are open-minded about this new trend. Bitcoin is a form of non-fungible digital currency. This type of currency is independent of any central bank and uses encryption techniques to control currency generation and verify transfers. If you are...

Benefits of Buying Real Estate Dubai

What Are The Major Benefits Of Buying Real Estate With Bitcoins?

The trend of cryptocurrency is intensifying in the world. People find it beneficial to invest in it. Because when the prices of cryptocurrencies go up, so does the investment. Not only do people invest here, but they also buy groceries or property when the time comes. Like people are buying apartment with bitcoin in Dubai. Apart from Dubai, people in big countries like Russia, the USA, the UK, China, and...

Crypto Currency

Developer DAMAC has stated that Bitcoin and Ethereum will accept

The initiative will reshape the face of property investment in the future and will influence investors all over the world. The CEO of DAMAC Properties announced that his company would start accepting cryptocurrency as payment for property deals. The Dubai-based company is on a mission to revolutionize real estate by making it more accessible, convenient and outcomes dependable. With their new...

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