Dubai Requires Cohabitants Who Live With Tenants for a Month or Longer To Register

Dubai Requires Cohabitants

More Information Released About The New Rules Procedure And The Paperwork Need.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) provided additional information regarding a new requirement that residents register any cohabitants in residential units. According to the authority, co-occupants who are staying in a unit for a month or longer must register. The following listed documents are necessary in the registration:

  • Co-occupant’s name
  • Emirates ID number
  • Passport number (in case, if co-occupants do not have an Emirates ID).

Co-occupants may use the registration as proof of residency. However, you cannot use in place of a rental agreement for purposes of government transactions. Co-occupant registration is required, but not all of their names must be listed in the tenancy agreement, according to the DLD. The authority is creating a “comprehensive statistical record” of all residents in the emirate.

The purpose, according to a statement from the DLD, is to “support government entities in reacting to the emerging needs of residents, citizens, and visitors.” The authority requested that co-occupant information be registered in owned or leased properties “within a maximum of 2 weeks with immediate effect” in a notification that was issued on Friday, September 23.

You must have to use Dubai REST app for registration. Residents can log in using the UAE Pass. After logging in, they must choose the residence, choose “co-occupants,” click, “add more,” and then enter their information.

Everyone in the family as well as other co-occupants of the unit must go through the process. By clicking the “delete” icon, a co-occupant may be eliminated. Every year, tenants and property owners sign a rent agreement. The contract contains a list of the property’s rules and regulations.

More than 3.5 million people are permanent residents of the emirate, according to the population counter on the website of the Dubai Statistics Centre. Since 2020, the Emirate’s population has grown by over 100,000 despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

By 2040, the expectation of population reach is 5.8 million. According to the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, there will be 7.8 million people living there during the day. The plan forecasts sustainable urban growth in the city and takes into account the anticipated increase in population.

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