Can Property Agents Demand Four Cheques As Apartment Payment Rent?

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The Landlord And Tenant May Agree Upon The Number Of Tranches And Amounts For Each Rent Payment.

I am trying to find a rental apartment in Dubai. For the annual rent, every agent I have spoken to wants four cheque payments. However, I will not be capable of paying for three months’ worth of rent at once. Does the law that yearly rent is must to pay in four installments require it? Is there a way I can get the government to step in and force agents to accept terms of payment that I can afford?

In response to your questions, the Dubai Rent Law, also known as Law No. 26 of 2007. Which regulates the relationship with both landlords and tenants in Dubai, is applicable to you as you search for a rented apartment in Dubai.

The number of tranches and amount of each rent payment may be mutually agreed upon by landlord and tenant. If the dates for paying rent are difficult to agree upon, then you can compensate in four equal installments. In this instance, the landlord has to pay the rent once every three months in advance.

According to Article 12 of the Dubai Rent Law, a tenant must pay the landlord on the days that both parties have mutually agreed upon. The Rent shall be paid annually in four (4) equal installments to be settled in advance. Unless otherwise specified in an agreement or in cases where the dates of payment cannot be independently verified.

According to the Dubai Rent Law’s aforementioned provision, you might not be able to demand. That the real estate agent pay the rent in the amounts and installments that you prefer. The landlord of the rented apartment or the real estate agent will decide on these issues. Instead, you could ask the real estate agent to take bi- or monthly rent payments into consideration. If the real estate agent does not agree, you can search for other rental apartments that offer conditions you can live with.

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