Focus On Investment Prospects At The International Property Show

International Property Show

To The UAE, It is Predicted That the Event Will Draw More Than 120 Exhibitors from More Than 40 Nations. Including The United States Of America, The United Kingdom, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Pakistan, And India, Among Many Others. That Offer Benefits To Potential Investors.

The largest Middle Eastern property platform for local and international markets, the International Property Show (IPS 2023), is expected to launch its present and upcoming real estate projects and investment prospects on Sunday (February 12, 2023).

High-profile entrepreneurs and real estate firms from across the world will attend the three-day conference. That the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and serve as a forum for knowledge and experience sharing will sponsor. As well as the formation of new strategic alliances.

In addition to the UAE, it is predicted that the event would draw more than 120 exhibitors from more than 40 nations. Including the USA, the UK, Cyprus, Turkey, Pakistan, Portugal, and India, among many other nations offering benefits to potential investors.

The 19th edition of IPS is being held, which further demonstrates and validates Dubai’s real estate market’s capacity. To draw foreign capital and compete with other international investment destinations in the real estate sector. In addition, contributes to the achievement of Dubai Economic Agenda D33 goals. The International Property Show’s director, Tariq Ramadan, remarked.

This is a result of the emirate’s many benefits, which include simplified investment procedures and strong investor protection laws. According to him, this is in addition to the government directives that the UAE leadership has lately. Moreover, repeatedly issued to make doing business easier, such as the nation’s new residence requirements.

The Biggest Attraction Is The Golden Visa

Ramadan claimed that the golden visas, which are offered to buyers of one or more houses worth Dh2 million, are another incentive for investors.

“Another contributing element is the growth trajectory that the UAE’s national economy is experiencing. Which is backed by rising oil prices, the expansion of the country’s non-oil industry, and the successful outcomes of Expo 2020 Dubai,” he continued.

The International Property Summit (IPS) 2023 will include a number of programs and activities. As well as the signing of Memorandums of Understanding with numerous local and international organizations to foster collaboration. The sharing of experiences, and the planning of meetings to continuously advance the real estate sector.

With a platform that coordinates an integrated package of activities to share knowledge in an interactive setting, Dubai Land Department (DLD) is taking part in IPS 2023. With the goal of informing event attendees about the latest advancements in the regional real estate industry. As well as market trends and investment strategies.

Additionally, DLD will use IPS 2023 as a perfect platform that enables public and private real estate organizations. To highlight their abilities in planning, building, and administering unique and sustainable property projects.

Networks and Conferences

IPS 2023 will include a major conference with three-panel discussions on the second day of the event. As well as an exhibition hall, features, and other events.

In addition to a discussion on “Real Estate Funds: Challenges & Horizons,” a survey of the top investment destinations in various nations. Including the USA, Pakistan, the Philippines, Georgia, and Columbia, will also be covered by a number of eminent speakers.

The Property Network Partnership, IPS 2023’S Strategic Partner, will run the second iteration of the “Property Think Tank Programme.” Which consists of eight brainstorming sessions, on the second and third days of the conference.

The Young Professionals Network will host the Young Professionals Network (YPN) Global Congress in collaboration with IPS 2023 to provide a forum for young, career-focused real estate professionals. The objective is to empower young professionals and change-makers in the global community. While enabling them to compete with some other young professionals from around the world. To introduce innovative concepts, test them, and put them into practice to address the future and present issues affecting business flow. The five main events of the (YPN) Global Congress are YPN Connections, YPN Challenge, YPN Ideas, YPN Projects, and YPN Tube.

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