New Project Releases in Dubai Will Exceed Pre-Pandemic Levels in Q1 Of 2022

Dubai New Projects 2022

Due To Its Pro-Business Culture And Recent Visa Reforms, The Emirate Is A Popular Location For Elevated Individuals.

The rich real estate sector of Dubai has always been booming and even on pandemic days too. Expats from all over the world are expressing their keen interest in buying and renting real estate in Dubai. Due to the Ukraine Russian war, many big investors are also coming here. That’s the biggest milestone achieved by the real estate sector in Dubai.

During the Q1 of 2022, the Dubai property market saw an increase in new project releases as the emirate became a popular destination for high-net-worth individuals. According to the newest survey, this includes billionaires and entrepreneurs. Because of the successful management of the Covid-19 pandemic, a pro-business culture, and recent visa modifications.

The number of new project announcements in the January-March quarter exceeded pre-pandemic levels, showing market optimism. During the quarter, over 20 Dubai new project 2022 totaling over 6,500 housing properties were unveiled to meet the increased demand from investors.

According to Prathyusha Gurrapu, director of research and consultancy at Core, Several well-known developers’ projects are seeing high absorption. Bolstering off-plan sales and indicating Dubai’s restored investment impetus and consumer confidence.

“After a period of historically low latest project announcements due to Covid-19 and dampened economic conditions, latest quarters saw a sharp uptick in new project launches. With first-quarter 2022 launch figures surpassing pre-pandemic levels, underpinned by overall positive investor confidence,” Gurrapu stated.

Branded Apartments, New Projects

The real estate advisory research highlighted several of the most notable project launches in the first quarter. As well as how the emirate remains, to lead the world in branded housing market penetration.

“Some of the Dubai new project 2022 launched in the first quarter. Include Emaar’s Beach Mansions in Dubai Harbour, Dubai Properties’ La Violeta in Villanova, and Select Group’s Peninsula in Business Bay.” Core wrote in a recent report on Wednesday.

St Regis the Residences, Six Senses Residences on Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, and the Ritz Carlton Residences Creekside were some of the main projects unveiled during the quarter, according to the study.

“With demand exceeding supply in major components. We predict an upward trend in inquiries, volume of transactions, pricing, and occupancy rates to continue over balance of 2022. Albeit with an intermediate slight slowdown during the summer season,” according to the Core study.

Population Growth and Business Innovations

Rising costs and demand, according to Ata Shobeiry of Zoom Property, have pushed developers to come out. With a fresh line-up of real estate investments in Dubai.

“Other important drivers include the UAE’s growing population and recent business reforms, which have attracted foreign investors and businesses. Several projects have already been launched, with 6,700 units delivered in the first quarter. The rest of the year is projected to follow suit, with 31,000 units set to be delivered “Shobeiry explained.

Continuing economic, cultural, and visa reforms targeted at recruiting FDI and residents, according to the report. According to the report, one of the primary growth factors for Dubai’s property investment is relatively low volumes of ultra-prime supply & rising HNI demand.

Furthermore, the Russia-Ukraine situation has attracted money and investments from the afflicted regions to Dubai. In comparison to other worldwide cities, the Emirate provides foreign buyers & investors with competitive entry prices, according to the research.

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